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Mar 29, 2011


Zaynab B87

It's beautiful. This reminds me of my attempt of making a pop-up card for my bother for his b-day. It's a shame he lost that card while moving to another house. But true, it's a very good way of spending time and realizing our hidden talent.


It's so cute! :D Home-made gifts are the best. I need to get to work on some gifts soon- I have a lot of April birthday people in my life! I also made something today, a something to eat! Check it out: http://alyssamakesstuff.com/


that is far too adorable!


Love the painting. What a lucky friend you have!

Last Friday, I made soap - round soap;shaving soap and Peppermint Pumice Buffing Rounds too. I love to make rounds - they are so perfectly, perfect!


Georgene Lockwood

I love it! Whimsical. Brought a big, broad smile to MY face as I'm sure it did to Ronit's.

melinda ke

Nice job! The kitty turned out really cute, what a wonderful gift. :0)

Mama Kimmberli

Very thoughtful to create such a sweet gift, and "nail polish party"?? What could be more fun!! I hope she wore a tiara!! :-)


This is really cute! I love the colors you chose. Bold and fun! (And I love that name - Pinot!)

I hardly EVER get to do any projects just for fun and/or myself. But this past weekend a couple girlfriends and I tried our hand at crocheting some "plarn" bags. SO fun! I just did a blog post on it - check it out here: http://www.flightofthepook.com/2011/03/girlie-night-cooking-plarning-party.html

Have you ever plarned?

amber kane

What a great card, there's nothing better then a handmade card. I try to create everyday, but haven't been in my studio very much in the last two weeks, I'm hoping to change that soon. I need a creative day!


That is absolutely beautiful! I love the bright primary colors, and it reminds me of the cute illustrations in "Goodnight Moon". I've been trying to draw, paint, and sketch more every day. Can't wait to sit down and draw some psychedelic mushrooms tonight.


Okay, being the nail polish addict that I am, I NEED to have my next party be one like she did! Brilliant! :) Love how the painting turned out, I'd kill for one of my dog! Homemade gifts are the best.

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