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Mar 25, 2011


Catherine Chandler

oh my goodness, thank god She's okay!!! I'm so afraid of that happening to my cats, especially with bits of ribbon and string laying around. Hoping for a quick recovery for your little one!!


Poor kitty!!! Get well soon!


Oh no! Glad to hear she's doing well despite her failed "new potential foods" experiment. Me and the boys wish her a speedy recovery!

Moe, my younger cat, has an obsession with anything plastic, rubber or silicone. He EATS rubber bands like they're tunafish! We have to be really careful not to leave one out EVER. And we've actually caught him tasting the sealant in the front door before, not to mention he licks the bejeezus outta any plastic bag he finds. Weirdo.


Oh no! Kitties have such a knack for getting into trouble. Today my backyard kittie friend clawed her way up to the top of my screen door just to say "HELLO!" ! I hope your kittie is doing better soon!

Have a good weekend!


I'm glad "whitta-baby" pulled through!!! She is a strong kitty for sure, and the glue that holds our furry household together!!

Account Deleted

I have just run through my house picking up bits of string and clipping loose threads. Am now terrified of fringe on throw blankets! Pooor kitty.


One of my cats is a habitual yarn-eater and I've always been terrified of this happening.

Did you go to Dove Lewis? They are so wonderful there. I don't live in Portland, but I had to go there one time when my puppy had a rather unfortunate encounter with my friend's cat while we were in town.

Miss Modish

Yep, thats where she is! Dove Lewis! They are wonderful there, so glad to have had them available to us!


Poor kitty! I had a kitty once who ate a small portion of a tube of braunschweiger (clear plastic wrapping and all) before the person making the sandwich (who shall remain nameless) even knew the cat was on the table. The vet had great difficulty keeping a straight face, but assured me that since the amount of plastic consumed was small, surgery was probably not necessary and 'everything will come out right in the end'.
He did an x-ray, then sent me home with my pet and ordered me to 'monitor' the cat's bathroom activities for the next week in case there was a problem.
My cat was very offended when I, as a responsible pet owner, forced myself to follow the vet's instructions, and it took him months to forgive me.

Poor kitties! Poor pet owners too, sometimes...


OMG. This is like reliving my last year with our golden retriever. He decided to eat a bunch of fabric and had to have emergency surgery too. SO stressful and expensive.

Hope everything turns out alright. Keep us posted


Oh Jena, your poor Kitty...must have been a frightening experience!
Hope she recovers quickly!
She's such a pretty cat!


We Know Stuff

Glad to hear she's okay - my knuckle-head cats eat balloon string whenever the kids have birthday parties. We have to tie the strings way up high!

Mama Kimmberli

Your photos are precious - we refer to our Kelly as our "gar-girl" when she perches like a fluffy sentry on the arm of our rocking chair. Unfortunately, I am unable to capture her in pictures the way that you do, so I will just have to stop in and admire your work. Happy Friday!

Mama Kimmberli

PS - I am very happy to hear that she's doing well. Dental floss is our kitty's weakness....


Love the photo and I'm so sorry about your kitty. I hope she is okay! Sounds like she will be fine! My cat Dexter is bad and always ends up getting into trouble or ingesting things he should not. Cats... :)

Jenna Cosme

aww poor kitty. feel better!


awww your poor kitty!!! Hope the recovery goes well and that she is settled in back home now.


Wishing Neko a speedy recovery! My cat ate a wad of dental floss once, and he didn't need surgery, but suffice it to say that it was interesting once he passed it.


Fabulous photo of Neko. I hope Neko recovers quickly, that must be so scary for you.


Aww! That's like my dog, we're convinced she'll eat anything! She'll find metal (who knows how, bread ties and stuff like that) and she'll chew on it!! I'm seriously hoping she never swallows it.

Well, I hope the pretty Neko gets well soon! :)


Poor kitty! I'm glad to read she's recovered nicely. This reminds me of when my parent's long-haired Chihuahua, Gizmo, ate a long thread- still attached to the needle! We didn't know it was stuck in his throat until he was acting lethargic and a lump started to grow in his throat!

Makes me want to thoroughly clean the house and pick up all the craft supplies before I allow an animal back in!


Hope she feels better!
Aleister, my black kitty, licks the shower curtain.. tries to eat screen-printing fabric..and you better not have any thread, yarn, or ribbon anywhere in his vicinity! What weirdos. Wishing your weirdos the best, though. :)


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