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Mar 28, 2011



Wow, I have always hated Mondays for they mean new 5 days of early mornigs. I have never thought of them as a new beginning, this is so encourageing. Thank you!

Btw, Kitty Photo Friday is one more reason to look forward to Fridays. Love it and love your blog!

indobay inc.|Tania Welch

Glad to hear kittie is doing better!

I just posted today as well about how Mondays for me are also a day that I look forward to because of the sense of starting fresh and new. I too believe intentions are powerful as they set in motion a message to the universe, higher power, whatever you want to call it. My intention this week is also to stay focused and move towards the completion of one big goal I have for myself without too much fuss and anxiety.

Hope you have a great week!


My intention for the week is to get back to taking care of myself. I've been going on so many adventures lately and I've been so busy (but having loads of fun too!) that my body is starting to retaliate. I need to go back to healthy eating, working out, drinking water (which I hate), and mostly just taking a minute to pause and not feel the need to gogogo all the time.

Good luck with your intentions Jena!


You just made Monday better for me because I usually hate them with a passion. I do feel a sense of starting anew with the week and this week especially I would really like to organize myself better with all of the things I have coming up. In the end, organization makes things easier and less stressful in the long run.

We Know Stuff

What a pretty sight on a Monday morning. Thanks for the smile. :)


I always love your posts! This week, I am worried about my job. I work in surgery, and Wednesday is going to be extremely stressful, and I'm not looking forward to it! I hope that I can "focus" and "breathe" and get past my inhibitions about the day. Usually, I waste more energy on "worrying" about something, than I need to. Your post reminds me to remember the positive. Thank you, have a good week!
Oh, I missed the post about your kitty...I am so cat crazy and love my two kitties so much! I am SO happy to hear yours is better. :-)


It can be hard to like Mondays, but I like your idea of turning Mondays into an opportunity to improve and grow instead of a day to begrudge! I think this week I will focus on being patient with myself and try to remember that learning new things takes time and that it's OK to make mistakes!! Thanks!!


i'm implementing this advice for my tuesday! my monday was a total bust :)

thanks for putting this positive energy out into cyberspace.


I have to tell you that you're inspiring to me because I'm so terrible at time management. I'm currently an undergrad, and my boyfriend works full time, and we only have one car so we have to schedule out our commutes. We're both unorganized and have trouble waking up in the mornings, and some days I don't know how I manage to accomplish anything. But this morning when the feelings of dread were spreading over me when I was thinking about the day that lay ahead, I thought about this post and decided to approach my tasks calmly and logically. I think I'm starting to work out a system. I must say this post made me de-stress! So thanks for that!

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