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Feb 24, 2011



After seeing this... spring must come soon!

Clare Pirie

Those earrings, that umbrella and the tapestry bag...soooo cute! Thanks for posting.

Amy Olson Ballard

D.S. and Durga is wonderful! they are available at Una- unfortunately the scent I loved was discontinued, but they have so many other lovelies!

Miss Modish

ooh, thanks for the tip! Ill have to go in there and smell then in person. I still havent been to Una yet, heard lots of good stuff about it tho!


Jenna, can we see a picture of your hair cut , Before and After? I've got tight curls, loose curls and some straggly straight hairs about. Looking for a fabulous cut for my collaged maine. If you don't mind, that would be awesome!


Miss Modish

oh sure! Ill try to take a pic this weekend and post it to my flickr- Ill send you a link! :) I too have a whole mess of different types of curls, and some sections that are totally straight underneath. 


I had the pleasure of sitting down with Robin for a crafternoon/mom date. I can't wait to visit her salon, and I agree, we need to see a before and after hair-do.

Julie at Velvet & Shag Vintage

The Holiday Hair Studio cart is awesome! It fits in perfectly with all the food cart vendors in Portland. I love it.


Sooooooooo excited about the new album! I haven't been able to listen to it with headphones, which is the best way to listen to Radiohead, I think.

Looking forwards to see those sculpted curls!


OMG, the new Radiohead is unbelievable! So. Freaking. GOOD!

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