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Feb 25, 2011



Toilet paper tubes as starter pots, that's brilliant! So much better than peat (which is mined in Canada) or those coconut coir discs that come from halfway across the world.
I am totally trying that when I plant starts this weekend.

Thanks Renee!


How exciting is growing your own garden?! My sister and my boyfriend will likely be doing the bulk of the work, since they have the greenest of thumbs, but I'll help out any way that I can/am allowed.

Here are some of the highlights from our future garden: green lentil, white onion, green onion, red onion, cucumber, watermelon, broccoli, bell pepper, purple carrot, scarlet carrot, and SO MANY different varieties of tomato. Most of our seeds have sprouted!

wishful nals

i love this time of year! my "garden" is looking pretty pathetic these days. i am looking forward to starting small and enjoying the little things this spring. we'll see what blooms! :)

anna k.

No seeds since I work in a green house! I have loads with house plants though!

Love this time of year - seeds are totaly the shit!


i am so excited for gardening this year!! it will be my second year on the east coast trying to do an outdoor container garden. last year i kept it simple with carrots, beets & kale, in five gallon paint buckets... the roots didn't do so well but the kale has lasted all winter in addition to some broccoli rabe i planted in the fall. this summer my bf and i want to try to make some raised beds with cherry tomatoes, peppers, string beans, spinach, onions, garlic & maybe some zucchinis & squash. i can't decide if those will be really hard or not. i might try a different variety of carrots too. we have a smallish yard and a very narrow screened in porch that i plan to clean out and put shelves up for herbs. i also plan on doing some sort of rainwater catching device for watering & compost - half for myself and half part of a subscription service my neighbor and i are going to split where they give you a five gallon bucket and pick up compost each week.

when i lived on the west coast i was totally spoiled with sun and temperate weather but it's kind of been a fun challenge trying to deal with all the weather conditions here.

yay gardening! and i had never heard of girltalk before, thanks for the link. my bf and i are listening to it now and he is a BIG music nerd and keeps calling out all the samples haha.


My husband and I planted tons of seedlings last year when we lived in Wisconsin, but now that we are in the South (way down in the lowest orange zone) we just decided to plant things in the ground. Last year we learned that transporting large numbers of seedlings in unconventional pots is pretty tricky!
We have a lot of vegetables planted that we've never seen or eaten before (mostly Asian), so it's pretty exciting.

Kim Taylor -- The Sassy Crafter

I started three different kinds of tomatoes, as well as some ornamental edibles like red okra and cardoon.

On the strictly ornamental front, I started some purple zinnias, green nicotiana, purple lablab bean, and cosmos (I think I'm forgetting a few here).

The key will be if I can nurture them from seedling stage to transplant stage -- something always seems to go awry at that point. Here's hoping!

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