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Feb 16, 2011


Sweet Ronit

Those booties are the best! They look so cute on you and really do look great with everything. And you know I agree with the moral of your story.

Pedicures in the middle of winter are the best! Especially with flowers (or little hearts;))


oooh! love them. i'm glad to know they're comfy. most affordable rain boots are so rigid + painful anyway. great investment for portland weather too.


oh so sweet!!! well, i really understand that! from time to time, i think we actually deserve something nicer. not that thrifted things are not nice, they are (though here in portugal i have a tremendous difficulty in finding something worth having), but a new thing just for you... and of course, i totally hear you on the price. i also am a saver! but when i offer one thing to myself... well, is like being 5 again and getting a doll! :) twiggs


Love the boots! The black boots I got in October were the most expensive pair of shoes I ever bought too- well, my hubby bought them for my anniversary gift lol. And I love the pedi- too cute! If you get a chance, get a shellac manicure- I just got one the other day and it's amazing!!!



Down and Out Chic

oh this is bad news bears for me. now i want them. better start saving my pennies!


Hey! cute boots, and cute toes :) nice work! It's usually worth it to spend extra on essential shoes. When i bought my pair of fancy rain boots last year I was so pumped that I could jump into puddles instead of avoiding them, and go outside in the pouring East Coast rain without getting wet! Even though they were pricey, i appreciate them every time i put em on, which makes me happy!
PS jumping in puddles greatly increases happiness and rain boot appreciation! you should try it :)


Thank you for posting about these! I've seen them online for a while now & wasn't sure if they would be worth the money. I got mine in the mail lastweek & it's been thunderstorm central in Nashville & they're terrific! Plus i get compliments on them every day :) my first ever rain boots, what a lovely decision I'm so happy about. Thanks again!!


All right, it was last winter that my eyes first laid their gaze upon LF's rain booties, but they were kinda pricey and winter was almost over so I let the urge pass. But now, it's winter all over again and - oh yeah! I live in the PNW. Just found your blog post on a Google search for these shoes and you've convinced me that I need them. Thanks. :) Can't wait to buy a pair!

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