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Feb 02, 2011



What brilliant shots of plants. Love your photos, your collection of plants, and your light-filled home of vintage treasures!

Mom's love of plants rubbed off on me, too. However, my apartment doesn't get optimal lighting- so I grow potted herbs outdoors and veggies at the community garden until I find a way to fit in plants. You shouldn't grow 'em if they won't get optimal light and care :) They deserve the same care that your pets would.

Emily @ Merrypad

I love what you called a Thanksgiving Cactus is called a Christmas Cactus in upstate NY. Does the plant really have different names depending on when it blooms in different areas of the world?

Miss Modish

I think there are lots of varieties of that type of cactus that bloom at diff. times of year- I have a christmas cactus too, and my mom had lots that bloomed right at Easter. Weird! 


in finland, the thanksgiving one is just called november cactus. :D

and yes, there is an easter one, too.


it must be genetic somehow... i have heirloom plants that are cuttings from cuttings etc... my apartment gets almost no direct sunlight ever, so everything is tall and pale. poor things.

also, i'm a plant rescuer, so there tends to be a lot of straggliness on the windowsill rather than a lush greenery one would hope for.

keeping my fern alive for a year, with such dry air, amazes me constantly. which reminds me, best get the spray bottle going...

i love how well the colours go together in the first photo, even though they are not my favourite. something very pleasing about a good combo.

Meli (Blush + Jelly)

Don’t feel bad about killing one air plant. I have somehow managed to kill multiple air plants. Even though my mother has the greenest thumb I can not manage to keep anything alive. I guess its not transferred over by genetics.


Gasp - I love that little blooming cactus!!!! Do you think it could survive in an infamously humid place (North Carolina)? :(

Julie at Velvet & Shag Vintage

So funny that you mention it. I love having plants in the house, too, but for some reason I've been on a killing spree lately myself. I just managed to off a cute little cactus that I had for 5 years. Before that I killed a Crown of Thorns that I also had for 5 years. I think the problem is that I feel bad when I forget to water them and then I overdo it leading to their definite demise. Poor things!

melinda ke

I love house plants, too! I have to fight the urge to buy more every time I stop into Lowe's for something. The majority of them are kept in my guest room, away from my kitty, and my guests always complain that it's like a jungle in there! I recently lost one of my favorite floor plants to an infestation of evil centipede babies! Ick. I loved that plant so much and I tried everything I could to get rid of them, in the end it was a losing battle. Sniff, sniff.


I love that you showed all your plants! I just did the same thing yesterday- http://www.dismountcreative.com/how-to-make-a-simple-terrarium-for-under-20


I am slightly jealous! I love your mixture of the greenery in your home. I don't even get a chance to kill a plant; they don't even sprout with me! Lucky girl!


I loooove all your planters! I try so hard to find awesome ones, and I do have a few that I'm pretty proud of, but yours make me want to work harder! I love houseplants as well. I just got my first apartment almost two years ago and was lucky enough to have a tiny fire escape to start growing stuff in the summertime. I now have over 20 containers with lucky bamboo, various palms, succulents and cacti, herbs, and some other little fun things. I just got this beautiful little thing with big leaves that look like maple leaves but with red thorns all down the white stem. It's so pretty, and I have no idea the name of it. I want more as well, but my tiny apartments are running out of room. They just make it so cheery and help me not to feel lonely when I'm home by myself. Good luck with all your lovely plants, and thank you so much for sharing!!!

Cara Cesarik

I've been wanting a cactus!


Last year when I started the seeds for my garden inside it was like living in a greenhouse. Every window had little, hopeful seeding soaking up whatever sun they could fine. My parents too passed the indoor-green-gene on to me. My mom and dad on the day there got engaged found an abandoned little potted tree next to a dumpster. They adopted it and it's had a place in our home since then. They celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary this past summer.

Miss Modish

oh my gosh! hahah!!

Miss Modish

yeah, I'm sure it'd be fine as a houseplant! In a bright spot, not too much water- I'd maybe ask someone at a nursery just to be sure!

Miss Modish

aww, thank you for the compliments! Yes, I feel like I've found some good planters lately- check vintage and thrift stores! That's where I find most of mine :) So cool you're growing so much on your fireescape!

Miss Modish

Wow, what a beautiful story! Thanks so much for sharing :)


what you say is a geranium in your first and second pics is a rex begonia, a fancy leaf begonia. they like filtered bright light and the soil to dry out between waterings. good luck!

Miss Modish

Oh yes, a begonia! I knew that, I had a brain slip- thank you so much for pointing that out!


Oh, I also thought it was impossible to kill air plants... but i had to throw mine out today :( along with some bamboo that had bitten the dust.
Last fall, me and my friend made terrariums together, and they turned out beautiful! They are really easy to maintain, and have a unique look. Have you made on before?

Amy Olson Ballard

yay- I love plants! and yours are lovely! you've inspired me to get more- I need more! I don't have alot of flat space for containers, but I can surely hang them- and your cuttings... LOVE!
thanks Jena!

Miss Modish

no, but Im planning to! I think theyre so beautiful, and potentially cat proof! I may do that for a make/do post one week :) 


I love plants, but I just had to give most of mine away when I moved across the country (from San Francisco to Boston). The few that I tried to bring in the car were killed by a combination of cats and cold overnight temperatures. Which brings me to my cat problem: one of my cats loves to chew on plants, so after a scary trip to the vet I decided we can't have anything poisonous or tempting (spider plants aren't poisonous but she loves to eat them and they irritate her stomach). You would think that cacti would be safe from cats, right? Not mine! Despite the spines, she pulls them out of their planters with her paws.

For the new year I got a lucky ficus (not poisonous or fun to eat), and I made a couple of lightbulb terrariums with moss inside. Oh, and I'm growing some cat grass, which my little plant-killer grazes on like a sheep. I miss my old plants, though. You're making me want to get more :-)

P.S. I've killed air plants, too--they're not as hardy as people think!

Down and Out Chic

love all your vintage trinkets and the teal on your walls is fantastic. alas, no, we do not have house plants because i tend to kill anything green just by looking at it. we tried to keep a few, but just couldn't get it together. so sad when they die so i gave up!

Emma robinson

Heya, beautiful pics!! The plant you called a 'snake plant' here in England we call it 'mother in laws tongue' due to the sharp point!!!

Miss Modish

haha!! thats so funny! Thanks for sharing :) 


My mother has a thanksgiving cactus, and she got it from a clipping from her mother who got it from a clipping from her mother, ect. I don't even know how old it is. Poor thing was neglected for a bit, though. Trying to revive it.

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