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Feb 28, 2011



oh! um, as i was just thinking it's about time i fixed myself some breakfast, i will now pop over to the co-op for some avocado + hot sauce. because i have everything else and this sounds like EXACTLY what i want to eat (ahem, i might add some bacon). thank you!

Nancy U

I've been going slow carb and protein for about a month now (except Saturdays when I embrace the binge!). So breakfast is eggs, sausage, black beans and home made fresh salsa made with chipotle peppers. Just love it and I feel energetic all day.


I love the color of your countertop!!!

Miss Modish

oh thank you :)

Color Collective

mmm looks delicious! i am obsessed with secret aardvark sauce!!


That looks delicious!


Yum! I have had an obsession with eggs for months now. My favorite breakfast is the Bullseye. I use a shot glass to punch a hole in the middle of a piece of rye bread, then I crack an egg in the middle of it and fry it in a non-stick pan for a few minutes. I flip it over once the white has mostly set and then just basically sear the top side of the egg and bread. I love how the hole in the bread creates a "home" for the delicious runny yolks! Yum


Looks really good! I love to have a piece or two of toast with an over easy egg on top. Put some cheese on top of the toast, and add the egg on top. I add a tomato slice if I have one. I usually drizzle a bit of olive oil on top ... very tasty and fast!


Yum! I love aardvark! It's totally my hot sauce of choice when I eat brunch out. I remember when I lived in LA this deli near work put sunflower seeds in their chicken wraps & I loved the crunch!

Sweet Ronit

Yummy! You're cooking for me soon, Lady! We just tried Aardvark Sauce, based on your rec - so delicious!


That looks too tasty! I'm a big fan of a fried egg sandwich on any kind of Nature's Own bread with lots of spinach, tomatoes, and spicy mustard.


I'm a Portlander, and yes, Aardvark sauce is the shit! I love that stuff. I'm always a bit disappointed with a local brunch spot that doesn't have it handy.


Oh me, oh my! I love pumpkin seeds! I've been buying granola from the bulk bin @ Whole Foods with flax, pumpkin seeds and such and mixing it with plain yogurt and honey. That's been my go-to breakfast for a few weeks now and I looove it.


That yellow countertop totally photobombed your breakfast. Those eggs (and that hot sauce) still look pretty delicious though.

Miss Modish

oooh, that sounds really good! Im really into seeds lately, and yogurt is always yummy. Ill have to try that sometime- thanks for the tip!

Miss Modish

haha, oh I dont mind the counters being the stars of the show, I love them. Love them!


mmmmm hot sauce!

Right now I am always making burritos with soyrizo with tofu scramble. Even my mom and sister, who aren't vegetarians mind you, really like 'em. It's like vegan comfort food :)


My mister is not an egg fan so we make mini pizzas: flatbread pitas with crumbled feta cheese topped with green peppers, sliced pickled chillies, cherry tomatoes (and whatever veggies is handy anyway). grilled and sprinkled with freshly ground pepper is our perfect Sunday morning treat.

julie @ hazel & hunter

yum! i make this similar breakfast with tofu instead of eggs (tofu haters will roll their eyes here), but it's still super yummy. nothing like a good breakfast to feel energetic all day...


I would have never thought to put pumpkin seeds with eggs for breakfast! It sounds yummy though!

I made breakfast burritos the other day. I LOVE breakfast food. Lately I've been on a spinach omelet kick too.


Baked beans, green bell peppers, and a sunny side up egg on toast with hot sauce :) Ohhh, i need to make this now.

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