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Jan 06, 2011



I've made a few brief comments over the years I've been reading your blog, but I wanted to say that I really love your blog. You find the best things. I love those black booties! I like this new feature too ...


I was just talking about Butter London with a friend! I was wondering about how long it lasts. Love their colors!

Miss Modish

Ooh, its great- I really like it. Lasted for about a week for me with no touch-ups. Use good top coat! :)


I think you're going through the same blog transition I went through over the summer! It's why I ended up doing Friday Bits, to get all that random sharing out of my system!


i love that map, and those shoes at the bottom need to be on your feet!

tara - scoutie girl

The bag. Oh my god, that bag. The SCOUT bag. Must have.


Oooh! Thanks so much for letting me know! I'm going to order some colors!

Miss Modish

yeah- totally! It's hard to resist sharing all that cool stuff! :)

Miss Modish

doubly agreed, my mister- you'll have to help me pick which color!


Love! Thanks for including my Scout Bag!! I LOVE those earrings too...gorg!

Melissa Curran, BeadedRelics

I love the last item in this post -- the multicolored shoes. I've never seen any shoes like these before. Very nice!


I Love the new feature! Esp. that cat on a hot tin roof ring. Meow!


So much goodness in one post! Love the first picture, scout bag and print especially.


i really like your blog and your work and i have followed your blog and i would appreciate if you look at my blog and follow me aw well...thanks

lady lyles

I found your blog a while ago, and then i forgot about it for a long time until today. The shame! The best part about missing months of it is how long I get to spend browsing by lamplight and sippin' on this tea. What a lovely addition to my Sunday reading! Always quality, Miss Modish.

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