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Jan 27, 2011



All this stuff is great! I really like the title vintage photos of cats for this series. They are sooo great!!


All selections are lovely, but the cactus art screams to me. I love those vibrant colors!

Tricia McKellar

So wonderful! I must check out the photobooth book! And those kale chips? You had me at chips :)


I loooove Chris Benz's 70s inspired clothing! Kinda refreshing considering this huge early 90s revival I've been noticing :)

Oh and my sister showed me that recipe for kale chips a couple months ago, I love it so much, I planted some kale in my backyard!

Color Collective

Gorgeous! I love those A Alicia necklaces, and Chris Benz is my favorite for color inspiration!

UglyKitty (Renee)

Those tightrope walker necklaces are amazingly creative. Add that to the list of things I wish I thought of.

Sweet Ronit

I love those necklaces from A Alicia - so so pretty! And kale chips? I'm coming on over for snacktime...

Down and Out Chic

the bag, the bag. yes please! definitely going on the wish list.


Kale chips are so good! So good I don't ever want to share.


I love that bag! Its so cute! I want one!


so wonderful! The LittleCollector office is such a fan of your site! We actually feature a number of Portland artists on our site like Timothy Karpinski, Phil Bard and Grace Weston. yay!


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