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Jan 26, 2011



whenever i visit a photobooth, i do a strip with the person i'm with and a solo one. those are actually some of my favorite pics of myself.

but yes, i agree, the backgrounds are fantastic!


these are gorgeous..love the not-so-subtle retouching on some of them - super blue eyes and coral lips. Lovely!


oh my! these are incredibly lovely! here's me becoming obsessed too!


These are all gorgeous portraits. I love how each one perfectly captures an era and a personality. These all feel so charming an earnest, together the backgrounds are amazing eye-candy, too.

In short, these make me want to hunt down a photobooth and take some solo pictures for prosperity. Definitely going to do this for the next one I see!


These are wonderful! I haven't ever taken some alone. Now I'm going to have to...

Miss Modish

oh yeah, those are hand-tinted. I love that look too!

Lindsey Elisabeth

What a beautiful old practice! I have to confess, the only time I have ever been in a photobooth was when I was 12 at the Limited Too electronic photobooth with my friends. Not exactly as beautiful as these. Haha.

Also, some of the women in the first ones are just gorgeous! You have to wonder why the photos were taken. Were they out shopping alone? Or were they taking them for a boyfriend who is standing outside the booth holding their handbag?


Two things:

1) The next time you come to San Francisco, you must visit the Musee Mechanique (not as fancy as it sounds, really), because it has a vintage photo booth that truly develops (not prints out!) your images in a beautiful black-and-white. I don't recall an interesting background, though. It's lovely!

2) How in the world did these women create those beautifully curled up-dos? It seems like a lost art. I only wish I could recreate it!

Thanks for sharing!

Mary Louise Silva

oooh Wonderful-Thank you for posting this!


I did the photobooth solo once to make a Valentine's Card for my sweetie - I did the Sign Language for "I love you" and then blew him a kiss.

Miss Modish

aww, now thats a great idea! 


great finds my dear!!


Love these! Check out this book - http://www.amazon.com/Photobooth-Babbette-Hines/dp/1568983816

It has one of the best written forwards I have ever read.

Miss Modish

Ooh, Im already in love with it just from the cover. Thanks for the tip! :) 

kendal croix

so very cool. i love old photos like that.


Wow, thanks for finding and sharing these gorgeous pictures. I'm mildly obsessed with them now too! It's funny because some of them look like they could be modern - or modern vintage anyway. Love the bow lady on the second line. :)


I so love this post. Every single month on the 13th day we visit the photobooth at the mall. That is how we celebrate the monthly anniversary of our daughters birth. It's one of my favourite family traditions.

Unfortunately the booth at the mall uses digital cameras and they always end up looking a bit modern, plus they print horizontally rather than vertically. But still, it's a fun adventure every month and it's giving us something wonderful to look back on.

Miss Modish

oh awesome, that sounds great! thanks for the tip! Well have to remember that. And I know- the dos! They make me want to play with my hair more instead of just letting it be

Miss Modish

Aww, what a sweet tradition to start- itll be so cool to look back at them years from now!


oh wow, thanks for sharing these! some of them are so deeply beautiful and mysterious! How about that background on the third one? And the expression on the 4th one...so lovely.


My my, that fellow with the paisley ascot and the ruffled hair is quite dashing.

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