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Jan 03, 2011



I also think 2011 will be great! And hello! Keep up the great work, you have a brand new year ahead of you. :) I'm sort of the same way though, I need that pressure to push me to actually do things otherwise I'm so very lazy. My goal for 2011 is to give myself more pressure!


good start to the year my love!!
i know you will rock-it as always!!


I really love the new blog design. It's fab!


loving the new look! oxo


The new look is wonderful! I am absolutely feeling that 2011 has big plans for me, which is great since I have big plans for it! It seems like many of my favorite writers are feeling positive about the new year and I think that joy is the best contagious emotion of all.
I am excited to see what you share with us & what amazing changes happen for you & Modish in 2011: )


Everything looks great Jena and you will do great things in 2011. It's always hard to put yourself and your own work out there for people to respond to (a current struggle of my own too!), but trust your instincts and just do your best and things will go well!

Happy 2011!


I love the new look! Change is a good thing, although it can sometimes be frightening. Hope this year will be everything you hope for!

Sweet Ronit

Oh my goodness, it looks great over here! Love the new banner, font, everything! And I do have the feeling that 2011 is going to be really really good - you're off to a wonderful start...

Julie at www.downtimeweblog.com

The new look is great! Love it!


Love the new look too! I come here to read YOUR voice, so hopefully the vote will be overwhelmingly A. ;) Congrats on the new success, I'll be launching my photography website before the end of the month so I've got the same nerves and butterflies too!


I really love the new look, and am always happy to hear people's business success stories. it may feel too early to really call it a success, but I have no doubt that it will become one. I love reading modish daily, and would be sad to see fewer posts, but totally understand the need to cut back. best of luck to you! also, one of my resolutions for 2011 is to post more comments (in quantity and more than just "oh yeah, that's cool") on other people's blogs, so here's to a good start to the new year!

Little Gray Pixel

I'd say good luck with your Miss Modish venture, but it doesn't look like you need it! In fact, I may need to call on you to help me take my biz to the next level. Happy new year. :-)


Good decision to focus on only one blog, so you can make this one REALLY good. I look forward to reading your blog into 2011, we all have a lot of the same goals, hopefully we'll work to inspire each other :)

Let me know if you feel overwhelmed and need help with guest posts!


i agree! 2011 has so much potential, and i'm so anxious to simplify and be BETTER this year.
i couldn't decide which choice i like best, but i'm leaning toward a because i just love your voice and perspective and the things you share here! i hope all goes well with your pr biz, it sounds like such a great fit for you, and i know you'll be great!


also, really like the new banner. reminds me of 'wisconsin death trip'. in the best way possible.

Miss Modish


kerry hawkins

I like your blog very much, it is fun. I think guest bloggers can take the pressure off having to write tons of posts and can help you relax and not worry so much about content. But, if you don't go that way, one post a day is great, most people don't post everyday. I do think the blog is very vibrant and enjoyable to receive in my email.

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