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Dec 22, 2010


Erika Lee Sears

Love the turquoise! I am loving the oceany colors for nails lately. :) makes me think of beautiful blue water and warm sandy beaches.


That color is so gorgeous!! And I may have to try your vitamin e oil trick, my hands need it!


What brand/color is that? I love it! I'm not usually a huge fan of sparkly but that's so festive and cute.

Miss Modish

oh I forgot that- it's "No Miss" brand, I got it at Whole Foods- color is Peacock! :)


oh my nails have been peeling and dry too! going to get me some vit e oil!

Soldier Girl

I am so going to have to agree I LOVE that color on you ..


what nail varnish is that?!

My nails are awful...

I used the misschevious manicure tutorial and ive been trying to nurse them back to health with Sally Hansen Hard as Nails cream, a peeling and brittleness solver and Nailtiques Protein formula... makes them loads stronger! Oo and a base coat that fills in ridges.


I adore that color! Looking good!


I've noticed the same thing with oil- no matter which you use, it'll transform and revitalize your nails! Your sparkly teal is indeed gorgeous :D


I'm so glad you posted this nail polish! I have been searching for something awesome like this and now I know where to go. Yay!

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