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Nov 15, 2010



Beautiful! I could use a good walk someplace like that.


Absolutely gorgeous!! My street doesn't have any sidewalks, which I miss more than I expected.



Noodles and Waffles

Wow. You definitely captured something beautiful here.


Too beautiful for words! Where I live, after a week of rain, the leaves are almost all gone. I will miss these sights. All I can do now is hope for snow :)

Andnowlights (Kristen)

These pictures are GORGEOUS! Love foggy mornings like this; unfortunately we haven't had many yet this year.


Beautiful! Love the atmosphere you have captured. My favorite is the one with the leaves in the water.


All this beautifulness in just one walk? Incredible! Sigh, my neighborhood in SoCal never looks like this!


Lots of prettiness : )

Simone Walsh

These are really lovely!

Oddly enough, it was just as foggy and wet at my place today - but I'm in Australia where it's supposed to be almost summer! So instead of all of the autumn colours we have lots of greenery and flowers to go with our fog and rain. Which is nice too, of course! Just a bit weird.


Your photos are wonderful! You are such a talented photographer. Thanks for sharing!


oh love all of these jena!


It's so magical!

"miss" james

eeeps! i cannot wait to move to your neck of the woods. perhaps i could join you on one of these spectacular morning walks. ; )
xo, james.


Oh how I miss Portland! I used to have a little townhouse in N. Portland and I would love to wake up early and walk to the coffee shop down the street and enjoy the cold, damp fall. You are so lucky!

first came love

fall is definitely one of my favorite seasons!

Mary Beth

These are breath taking! How lovely!

Sweet Ronit

Beautiful shots, Jena! It looks like you've been playing with depth of field too. The bokeh in the second to last photo is especially pretty!

Blogger Girl

Absolutely magical..


The fog these past few days has been so cool! Your pictures are wonderful. I especially like the one of the leaves in the water.


These are grrrrreat pictures! Someone should put their house up for rent and I'll come be your neighbor. YEAH!

Danielle S.

Beautiful! What a wonderful collection.


Oh Jena, these are so beautiful! I wish I was in Portland right now...it's not as prettily atmospheric in Seattle at the moment, it's just plain raining.

Julie at www.downtimeweblog.com

Lovely pics! As usual. You always take such amazing photos. What kind of camera do you use?


Great photos! Living in Texas, I have been yearning lately for some real fall color!

Jane Flanagan

Absolutely stunning photographs! I love the dampness in them.


Simply gorgeous!! They evoke my morning walks here perfectly.


i love Autumn except for the onset of the cold. In Australia we're going into Spring so its kinda funny seeing all these rich oranges and grays again

Lindsey @ Yarnia

My favorite is the 4th one with all the leaves on the ground! I'm in Florida visiting family right now and as wonderful as 80 degree sunshine is, these are making me really excited to come home :)


stunning, foggy morning photos! I LOVE them all!


What an incredible set of pics!!! You should seriously think about taking up photography as a career!!!

I love autumn but these made love it even more!


oh my goodness, hello talent! these are AMAZING and so atmospheric. i love it. how awesome is that moss-covered tree?! i'm stuck in the LA urban jungle and i would love to take a walk around your neighborhood right now!


Now THIS is fall. i, too, am in the urban jungle ;)

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