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Nov 01, 2010


"miss" james

one of my very favorite movies ever. : )


I LOVE this movie!! And that song ;o)
I like most movies that deal with the family/mother-daughter dynamic. This one was really well done.


i love love love that movie. must watch it again soon!


One of my faves too!! I adore Cher's clothes in the whole thing. Now I need to rent it again :)

Love your blog- I've been reading forever and now am a follower :)

Emily M

Totally loved this movie too, especially Michael Schoeffling! Must watch again for sure. Now I'm reminded of that other obscure Winona Ryder movie - Welcome Home Roxie Carmichael...have to check that one out again too.


ah! all i could think of when i first saw this pic is the movie 'Splash'. im not sure if i've seen 'mermaids', but i think i need to :)

Monica Soeldner

This is one of my favorite movies!! So so good...and that table is quite fabulous.


I've always loved that movie!


I just watched that movie this weekend! Hadn't seen it in a while and I still loved it this time around.

Nadine H.

I LOVE that movie.

bein' good to me

Just stumbled across your blog from the Gifted magazine (so great by the way!) and this post reminded me how much I absolutely loved this movie! I watched the final scene that you were talking about on You Tube and I must watch it on Netflix this weekend. ;)


oh, I loved this movie too! This was one of the contributing factors to my high school obsession with Winona Ryder. And HELLO! How could you post this without even mentioning Jake Ryan!
In 8th grade for PE we had a "lip synch" unit where everyone had to choreograph a song and perform it. Our group chose Cher's Shoop Shoop song from this soundtrack and we did the best in our class and got to perform it in front of an entire school assembly. One of my shinning moments :)

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