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Nov 15, 2010



Love her! Her book series was AWESOME. :D


great blog-I will be adding to my list of daily blog check ins.

Mallory-if you are reading WHERE is that awesome obi belt on your blog? I love it and must have it.



Oh that Mallory, she has the very best taste.


Yay! Love Miss Mallory. She's the bestest!


Would love to see your blogstar segment continue! I love how we get a some background and hear from bloggers in their own words instead of just, "go see this blog, I love it!" We get to see why we should love it to. Plus it reminds us that there are very real people behind those creative blogs... they become more relate-able which is nice.


It's by Elizabeth Kelly! http://www.etsy.com/shop/elizabethkelly I've been wanting one foreverrrrrr.


Thanks for having me, Jena! You wonderful lady, you :)

Mary Kate

I'm a big fan of Where the Lovely Things Are! Hi Mallory!


oh, yes please do continue with these! It's such a lovey, personal look on these bloggers. I'm loving it!


Yes, definitely keep doing them!! I love these posts!


I really like the blogstar series. I guess it depends on how many blogs you truly like and feel you can comment upon. That would probably determine how long to keep it going!

seesaw designs

so great - i love these blogstar posts and i love where the lovely things are!



thank you! love it!

Down and Out Chic

agreed, mallory is definitely a blogstar! every time i visit her site (which is almost daily) my wishlist gets longer and longer.

the clothing menu

i love this blog. cool to learn more about the creative person behind it!

The Spotted Fox

Well, Jena.... Kelly and I are the bloggers behind The Spotted Fox (www.thespottedfox.com) and it is our dream to be a Blogstar. We've sat at my kitchen table, crafting and asking each other, "What if Jena read our blog one day?" We've read yours for years and love that you are shining some light on your fellow crafty writers. We hope you'll take a look at our blog and give it a lil' thought :)


The Spotted Fox

Also, I would love to see Meighan from the art blog My Love For You is a Stampede of Horses (http://myloveforyou.typepad.com). One of my favorites!



Love the post, keep 'em coming!

Mallory I just wanted to ask, I tried to search on your blog for that brown leather tote bag in one of the pictures, but can't find it. Would you happen to remember who it's by? I need that bag in my life : )

Luv ur blog!


Miss Modish

Hey Natalie- I found it, its by http://www.etsy.com/shop/hiddengem09
jena :)

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