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Oct 01, 2010



I am so excited for you. I hope you have an absolutely perfect wedding day and a lovely wedding trip! My husband and I did the same thing - had a wedding/road trip week - and still smile about it 7.5 years later. Enjoy every second of your adventure and remember it always :)

Brittany Hassell

Ooh, those turned out great! So pretty!


I don't know where I've been, but I had no idea that you were getting married. Best wishes and lots of love to you both! And cute nails ;)


I'm sorry Jena, did you say "first EVER mani/pedi"?!?!?! How is this possible???

Note to self: must take Jena for a mani/pedi sometime. You simply cannot let this stand missy! I will talk to J about this!

pretty nails though! fun!


i also had sparkly nails on my wedding day! go girl!


it was such a privledge to be able to gift to you your first ever mani/pedi! too bad junebug started getting upset before we all took a picture together ;)

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