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Sep 09, 2010



I heart mustard yellow. It's my new favorite color.

Looks great! Love this weather!


love your outfit :)
where do you go thrifting in Portland, if you don't mind me asking?


I absolutely love that outfit! I love mustard so much...

Miss Modish

oh goodness, I go to every thrift store I can find honestly. Mostly tho I frequent a few Goodwills around town and have had luck at the thrift stores in Milwaukee. And the cardi & dress I both happened to find at Buffalo Exchange (the cardi in the downtown one long ago, the dress in the one off Hawthorne) The key is just going often! :)


you have the best cardigans! jealous jealous! :)

Julie at www.downtimeweblog.com

Nice combination. The gold sweater really brings out your beautiful hair color!

Marcie Abney

I am currently in love with this color combo, I've been makin' stuff with it left and right, so classic on you. :)


God, I'd love to go thrifting with you! You always manage to find the greatest stuff!

Chantel I.

I LOVE this outfit. This is something I can see myself wearing because it isn't tight or fitted and would be forgiving to my flabby bits. And don't worry, I'm not implying you have flabby bits. Just me!


That cardigan RULES. Excellent use of the extra-wide shawl collar for displaying pins!


that little sweater is adorable!!! all about the mustard yellow :)

Sweet Ronit

I kept noticing your brooch - so lovely! Along with the rest of the outfit.


that is such an adorable outfit. i've been obsessed with mustard yellow all year.


thanks for the tip!
moved to portland a few months ago. haven't had much time to go thrifting, but hope hitting the scene soon :)


LOVE that yellow sweater - I wish it would hurry up and cool off around here so I could wear sweaters again. (Though by the time that will happen it won't be long before I'll wish for spring...)

Lindsey @ Yarnia

I would like to have the phrase "lifetime, thrifted" emblazoned on my wall.


I used to go thrifting all the time, but found that I started to amass far too much stuff. So I had to consciously cut back and refrain from them.

How often do you thrift?

Nome Alone

This is a really a perfect concoction of patterns and colors, love that it was mostly thrifted, nicely done!

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