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Sep 20, 2010



haha, I just bought a bottle of Sephora for OPI polish on Friday and thought the same thing about the names - SO BAD! Mine has something to do with stiletto heels. Bleh.

Dryden Driggers

Even though I work with my hands, I regularly paint my nails. I have some weird block against pink and red polishes that I don't understand. This summer I've been mostly wearing China Glaze in Audrey (Tiffany blue). I recently bought $2 polish from a line called Sinful Colors (blech!) in a color called rise and shine (I don't know why). It's a darker teal and somehow has a satin finish to it which was unexpected, but made me happy. I love the gold top coat you bought. It looks so chunky and fun. And I may have to order my own bottle of Dating the Drummer. Have fun with the polishing!


Sephora used to do tiny bottles of lots of different shades. I used to love painting each nail in a different shade of pink/purple from light to dark, great fun!

I wish they'd do that again. Although I must admit it was about 10 years ago, when I was still in college...I'm not sure I'd have the patience for it anymore!

Abigail Cahill O'Brien

i have the first two colors in your list - *love* them.

a word of advice on the gold glitter: apply two layers of top coat first. otherwise it is very hard to get off.

Color Collective

ohh I love the colors you chose! I have been wearing a dull pinkish gold color, but i'm ready to go a bit darker this fall!


i love polish but im so bad at taking it off when it's so sad and chipped. i love the "dirty" colors - like muds. but these pinks and sparkles look so girly that i want!


I just got back into a polish phase too! I keep seeing greys and dark plum colors that I want to try. Love it!

Miss Modish

oh awesome, thanks for the tip!


Oooo perty! I'm on the computer all day too, so I'm constantly changing my polish. They're almost never bare! It helps my patience to use Orly's quick dry top coat though, wouldn't bother without it. Saves so much time! Right now I'm obsessed with this line my salon carries called SpaRitual, this color is amazing and perfect for fall. I usually change the color every time, but I've kept this color for about a month straight! http://www.skinstore.com/p-15179-sparitual-nail-lacquer-living-in-the-moment.aspx


My current fave is OPI's Chop-Sticking to my Story, a burnt orange crème that was part of their Spring Hong Kong collection but I think it will look great in the Fall. My hairstylist had on a beautiful lavender polish the other day. I asked her what the color was and she said Rumple's Wiggin' from OPI's Shrek collection. Rumple's Wiggin'?? We had a good laugh about the OPI polish names.


I don't paint my fingernails (I work with art, and am paranoid about having color on my nails because of that), but Meet For Drinks is one of my favorite colors for my toes.

I usually end up going darker in fall than I do in summer, I'll start transitioning back to burgundies and purples instead of my summertime bright red.


My favorite fall color so far is OPI ski teal we drop... seriously who comes up with these names. It's similar to the teal you got but not metallic. I'm also really liking Essie sew psyched and merino cool.


These are pretty. I haven't painted my nails in forever. I want a nice teal, minty color though.


Oh my gosh! I told myself I'd be taking a rest from nail polish. I saw this and now I want to get color on my nails!


I love this orange/red "Red Riding Hood Tulip" color from Priti at kindboutique. I wonder if they have more colors coming soon...
It feels so good to know that they are completely non toxic. Maybe other manufacurers also make them non toxic?


The gold and sliver nail polish last really long and they feel like sandpaper but when I wear them I get people stopping me all the time saying how pretty it looks.


I usually just paint my toes and I have a terrible habit of buying the same shade of red (but different product lines). I realize I need to shake it up a little bit. I liked the Dating the drummer and If You've Got It, Haunt It Nail Colour.


oohhh, i have serious nail polish addiction. i post about it on my blog at least once a week. current favorites: essie in "chinchilly" and in "sew psyched" and butter london in "chimney sweep" and "the old bill"

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