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Sep 10, 2010



I swear...sometimes this blog reads my mind! Been thinking about trying this mushroom log thing and here you are telling me how to get started! Same thing happened with your post about growing garlic. Thank you!!! :)


Were new to your blog and glad we found it cuz we love it.. if you need new recipes head on over to our site


That's so awesome to hear! Let us know how your projects go, and of course if you have any questions let me know!


I like this a lot! http://blog.ted.com/2008/05/06/paul_stamets/ this is a really interesting ted talk all about fungi and there amazing powers. Really, they are pretty amazing.


Mmm i love mushrooms and buying a mixed bag of strange looking (but delicous tasting) ones at the farmers market. I also LOVE this artwork!

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