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Sep 10, 2010


emily rose

I've been a fan of the notmartha felt dahlias... http://www.notmartha.org/archives/2010/05/06/mothers-day-felt-dahlia-corsage-a-few-notes/
but the ones in the top right corner are AMAZING! So inspiring! I love the color scheme too.


I'm making the Martha ribbon/fabric flowers for my wedding in October. It's a bit time consuming but I'm loving how they're turning out!

Megan Leone

These are gorgeous. Would be so pretty to include little feathers throughout the petals to add extra dimension.


I made all the flowers for my wedding out of recycled security envelopes. Everyone in the bridal party had a bouquet. I bought a Martha Stewart crepe paper flower kit at Michael's then just used it as a template.


Hope that helps!


I listened to the podcast, and I just want to say, you are so inspiring! While I've never been interested in blogging myself, I am continually inspired by the blogs that I subscribe to (the list is getting near 20 now! yikes!), and you started it all! You are #1 on my list, and you make me want to move to Portland after college! Thank you for creating an engaging community on Modish. :)


I just listened to your podcast and loved it!!! It had a great, calming NPR vibe. I starting taking ads in August, and it got a bit overwhelming, so I whittled it down in numbers this month. I definitely wish I had heard your podcast beforehand, so that I knew what to expect. You shared such practical, useful info.


I've become a huge fan of Robot in Bloom -- paper flowers that look amazingly real. Take a look: http://www.robotinbloom.com/


I just listened to the podcast, and it really is great, you should do it every time you feel like it :) I had no idea that an audio-blog existed LOL.
I forwarded the podcast to a friend who has a food blog and is thinking on starting to run some ads. Awesome info, Jena!


Off to listen to your podcast!

I made the bouquet for our wedding - it was a simple bouquet of cream tulips, with a cream ribbon wrapped around the stems. The flowers now only exist in photos, but I have the ribbon in my wedding keepsake box :)


hola jena-- that was a great interview! it's cool to hear what you have to do to create a successful blog. :)

The Frugal Style

I'm such a sucker for flowers! I make paper flowers all the time, and I'm just in love with them all. These are all great inspiration. Have you seen Emerson Made's line? She has some for weddings and they're great linen flowers. Good luck and can't wait to see pictures!
Melissa :-)

Worldwide Tapestries

That white flower with the silver green leaves add a sense of fantasy as the colors border between real and the imagination. I also like the purple ones as they look quite real.


Oh, but Jena, have you seen this woman's innovative (and GORGEOUS) bouquets? http://www.etsy.com/listing/52985075/wedding-bridal-brooch-bouquet-spring

I have to say I'm afraid to share them, because I covet one badly for myself and I don't want someone else to buy it before me!

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