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Sep 08, 2010


Noodles and Waffles

Is Summer really over? These pictures make me miss the beach and summer.

Jane Flanagan

Beautiful images! I really long to live by the sea again!


Ahhh so pretty and relaxing! Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate your union. :)

amy kolz

have a great time. i'm hoping to dip my toes in the sea sometime before winter.


oooh, I am super fealous - I wanna see the ocean as well!
Gorgeous photos.

Jessica Bymaster

Serene. Another day in paradise, here @ Tampa Bay beach.


Oh, wow))))))wish I was there(....

Becka @Studio222

UGH, I live in Florida and still these images make me want to visit some ocean far away. I love the big antlers. LOVE THEM!

Susana G.

Great photos. How can I source a particular photo? (there are thousands on weheartit)

Miss Modish

theyre all linked to their page on weheart it, if you click on any individual image. Beyond that tho, I couldnt find the original source on any of them :(

Jena Coray

✍ editor :: Modish
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Susana G.

Muchas gracias.

Susana G.

I asked b/c my favorite picture (underwater with what looks like a swimmer's hair strand(?)) would not link to the site. Thank you for replying though :)

Miss Modish

Oh shoot, it looks like I missed the link on that one. Doh! Sorry! I dont have it saved...

Jena Coray

✍ editor :: Modish
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New on Modish: A little glimpse behind the scenes... and a new weekly schedule!


Great pictures!

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