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Sep 13, 2010



I know the feeling, I often find myself searching for inspiration daily for my own blog. Good luck with the new schedule!


Good for you! It always helps being organized. I'm a last minute magician myself and let me tell you it really helps to plan things out, mentally and emotionally! Totally worth the work! Looking forward to the new schedule :)

gaia • Illustration

That sounds like a great plan! I'm definitely one of those people who are on a never-ending quest to be "more organized." It isn't in my nature either! But it does make things easier. Your posts are always so lovely and inspiring!-- so here's to making things easier behind the scenes :)


I feel the same way about Fall. Maybe it's left over from when I was little and still in school--every new school year felt like a chance to "re-invent" myself and begin fresh (though I'm pretty sure I ended up the same nerdy kid each year...;) ).

Isn't making lists the best? Good luck with your new schedule!


Amen, sister! I feel quite the same way when I sit down to blog. Glad to hear I'm not alone. Your new schedule sounds great! I'm looking forward to the Blogstar posts, especially! :)

Grace @ Front Porch Yoga

Lululemon Athletica has been posting about GOALS on their blog lately, and one of the ways to reach your goals is to be held accountable (your version of "putting it out there" as a major motivator). Good for you for recognizing that you needed some change/inspiration to jump-start your writing! It can be tough to come to a blank page each. and. every. day.


What a great idea! So inspirational!
(Pretty photo as well.)

Sweet Ronit

Love your schedule - the new feature sounds fun and I'm glad the favorites will be sticking around!

Also, thanks for giving me a last peek of the trampoline;)


Getting on somewhat of a schedule has always helped me blog easier. I hope it works for you as well!
Also, I am so a "last minute magician" too. HA!


Oh, I know the feeling! I try to pre-schedule ahead by at least a week or so, or everything else I need to do piles up and I freak out! I also have regular features.. though I have let some fall by the wayside at times ;D

I try to schedule one or two posts a day, and than add in any extras as I come across interesting/inspiring stuff during my daily blog travels :D


Good for you lady! Putting this as a blog post confirms that you're all ready to stick to your plan! Fall is inspiring for me too, and I can't wait to see your adorable fall Outfitted posts!


H and I have been working on the same thing over the last few days. We're finding the more we schedule the more free we feel to be creative and dream of more awesome things to do! It is not in my nature at all, but I am even considering scheduling my days by the hour - especially to give (force) myself time to work on projects well in advance of deadlines.

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