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Aug 05, 2010


Laurie H

Cute outfit! Yay you've been to Panama!?


When did you go to Panama? I'm half Panamanian and have always wanted to go. Some friends of mine just go back and they feel in love with it. And, super cute outfit! Love the giant sunflower :)


super super cute outfit today...one of my favorites! i love these posts, please keep doing them! and to comment on one of your previous posts, i love the idea of you showcasing little shops in portland. even if i can't shop there (sadly!) i really really love all the awesome stuff you find!


Cute outfit!! I love that vintage shirt!

Miss Modish

I went when I was 14 or 15ish, to Bocas Del Toro, an island off the coast. It would be wonderful if you could go someday- I hope so!


Love that top! And it looks great with those cute shorts:)

Marcie Abney

In my mind I'm a Spanish Flamenco dancer whose feet move faster than lightning just barely missing the hem of my gown as it swirls around my ankles.
In reality, I'm just a girl playing with beads tapping my feet to Pandora just barely missing the dog's tail as it slaps my shins.

You're definitely much better dressed to play your part. :)


I'm jealous you actually fit into those boy scout shorts. Have you no hips at all?


mmm, that blouse is very pretty!


Easily, by far, my FAVORITE outfitted post.


Cute!! I hope this doesn't sound creepy, but you have nice legs!

Happy friday


Loved the description of this outfit. And think that either option sounds pretty fabulous to me. :) Happy weekend!

Mayi Carles @ Heartmade

Next time you come to Panama you have to tell me! Would love to meet you in person and show you around my favorite spots :)

Jori Baldwin

I love that blouse!


Hopefully the lemon cake makes up for the fact that you're not on a safari! I looooove lemon cake.

Miss Modish

Oh I wish I could go again someday! Not likely tho :(

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