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Aug 23, 2010



What a wonderful, sweet, romantic way to celebrate your marriage. Have a wonderful time!

Victoria Klein

What a fantastic adventure! How does you family feel about your elopement? My husband & I had planned on a big wedding, but we ended up going to the court house with just 3 other friends & family. His mom lives in Florida, so she wasn't able to come. I felt bad, but I still had an amazing time.

I hope your trip-down-memory-land-and-start-of-a-new-life-together adventure is nothing short of phenomenal :)


i love you momma!!!! every day of waiting for the day we head out is an eternity!! i can't wait!!


Jenna, I cannot tell you how awesome that sounds. As much as a traditional wedding is nice, it's so refreshing to hear about something new and different like this that focuses more on a big, fun experience rather than blowing tons of money on one single evening!


that sounds like a dream..!
can't wait to see the pics


It sounds wonderful! And happy birthday to your Mister!


So sweet! Congrats to both of you - I love what you have planned for your wedding, I love the idea of a low key ceremony like yours, and I envy your California trip! My boy and I took the best trip ever on a motorcycle through 1600 miles of California and Nevada in 2006 and it was magical. I hope your adventure will be even more amazing!


Awesome plan Jena! I love these pics and can't wait to see the new ones. Drsmoothdeath says every day, "Is it Oct yet?"

Way to avoid the stress and cost of a big ole wedding. This sounds like a great way to go!

Beth H

i love the northern CA coast! sounds absolutely amazing! and perfect, especially ending the trip in Reno to celebrate w/friends & family.

Valeria @ Hindsvik

Congrats! I can't wait to see photos of the wedding and trip! You guys look so cute together and would make the cutest babies too (sorry if it's not on the agenda, had to say it cause it's true!) :) !


I always recommend eloping.

I also think it would be great if your closest family could meet you for the ceremony- nothing big or fancy, just to be there to share your joy.

Of course I also always recommend a party to celebrate.

Whatever you do, you do what is right for you and find joy.

Kristen- Marinade Handmade

You guys are getting married right around the same time Nick and I are! Ours is on September 25th! Have so much fun on your trip and savor every moment. Congratulations to you both! Sending love from Reno...

emily rose

I am so excited for you and your trip! I love the idea of a small, private wedding, it makes it so much more personal. I do hope you'll share some pictures with your readers :)
We went to the redwoods for our honeymoon, it was awesome. We lucked out and somehow were in a campsite that had barely any other campers, so we didn't feel crowded!
On the way down we stayed in a yurt in southern oregon (the umpqua lighthouse park, to be exact) and I highly recommend it! They also have dune buggies for rent there, sweeeeeet.

tanvi @ now craving

This is the best, most romantic idea I've ever heard of. ENJOY my dear!


that sounds like the most amazing way to get married ever! & the most fun.


It all sounds absolutely, perfectly wonderful :)


Wow!! That sounds absolutely amazing! Congratulations!!

Sweet Ronit

Such a beautiful wedding adventure for two very beautiful people! I can tell that so much thought went into this...

And Happy Birthday to The Mister!:)


most excellent.

Erin Jane

That sounds incredible! I cannot think of a more wonderful idea! You will be going to some of my very favorite places. My husband and I took a similar road trip from Seattle to Santa Cruz and it was such a great time. I LOVE Mendocino! Congratulations! Can't wait to see photos!


That sounds like a wonderful trip! Weddings are lovely but a trip like this will be something you can truly enjoy and never forget! Congrats once again!


That sounds like a great trip. A trip to take for any celebration. We just celebrated 15 years and still going strong. This might be a great 20th. Especially love the Vegan eating along the way. Very cool!!!


fabulous! congratulations!!!

if you have time in arcata, stop at cafe mokka the finnish country sauna and tubs, it would be a great (and inexpensive) wedding treat! was a favorite haunt when i lived out west.


These sound like the sweetest, most simply romantic wedding plans I've ever heard of. Celebrating the places where your friendship grew (and grew and grew and grew into marriage)? Absolutely perfect. I hope you two have the most wonderful time!


that sounds like an amazing trip, I wish you both all the best! :)


i'm thrilled to bits for you both! sounds divine!

Stephanie @ WeirdWoollyDesigns

I'm jealous! Who needs a big fancy wedding when you can have a road trip adventure! So much better!


Sounds so sweet! I wish you all the best!


I absolutely love this idea! What an amazing time you two are going to have, I can't wait to hear all about it!


That sounds awesome! I'm so excited for you and the mister! And to be getting married when you're ready instead of having to wait months and months for a ginormous wedding sounds like a perfect plan. I hope you at least have someone to photograph you getting married! We will want to see pics, of course. :)


That is the best wedding plan I have ever heard. Have a great time and a very happy birthday to the mister.


What a lovely and memorable location for your wedding! I have been there and know how truly magical it is. We got married barefoot on the beach in Maui. There's just something about the ocean waves, nature, and sharing vows with the one you will spend the rest of your life with! Congratulations!
Love your blog, just started to follow. :-)

Susan Williams

I'm from Mendocino, well, just moved. I know the beauty you are talking about and will enjoy. Congrats and I hope you enjoy Big River and the vegan restaurant I think you are talking about, and all of it really. Sounds like a great trip. Enjoy!

coolranchstudio / oh chalet!

sounds so perfect! my husband and i eloped, too. 9 years ago, somewhat spontaneously, in our house with only our cat present. four years later we had a little ceremony up in vermont for our families. if i could go back in time i would plan a week just like what you are planning. what an amazing exciting time! congratulations jena!!!


WOW... I'm speechless - sounds like an amazing plan. Soak up every second!


Perfection! I must say I'm so uninterested in the idea of a big wedding, which is why I haven't done it...yet. The idea of the planning, the money spent on one day, the standing in front of so many people, the nervousness...I simply can't do it. And, I'm so glad that I'm not the only one! What a wonderful plan...and please, do tell of these planned places to eat! I'm in Oregon as well and frequent California regularly.


You guys are such a lovely couple. Sounds like a fabulous trip. I myself took a solo road trip from here (Oly, WA) down the coast to California and back a few months ago. Love those Redwoods and Monterey coast! Congrats and enjoy!



Sigh, the adorableness of you two is almost too much to handle. Almost. :-)


What a wonderful idea and what could be more relaxing and special than to just be together.


Just beautiful. I don't know what else to say.


this totally made me tear up! looks so incredibly sweet and laid back :) all the best to both of you



Be sure to go to Millennium &/or Cafe Gratitude for more fab vegan fare when ur in SF!!!!


That sounds great! congratulations to you.


congratulations - what a fantastic plan!!!


Oh how exciting! It sounds like it'll be a magical trip. Congratulations yet again!


Congratulations and have a great time you both! :)


What sweet plans they are. Have a beautiful trip! :)


This sounds so beautiful, and like it will be the perfect fit for you! We were married almost a year ago, and while we had a big to-do for all our friends and family, I have felt like *our* wedding was the trip we took a month later, and all those adventures that only we share. I know you two will have a wonderful, beautiful time!

Oh, and the 23rd is my mister's birthday, too!


maybe it sounds corny but i love you guys


oh that sounds like a dream! so happy for you guys! xoxo




That sounds AMAZING. You two are going to have so much fun.


Awesome! You have the right idea. I am really regretting not eloping as I stress like crazy with 38 days left!!


those are such thrilling plans! have an amazing time and don't forget to soak it all in. congratulations once again!

gaia • Illustration

Oh gosh, this sounds so lovely and amazing!


it's going to be spectacular! ;0 i'm so happy for you and the mister and your adventures as husband and wife to come!!

Laurie H

wow! you two are going to have an awesome time! SOUNDS WONDERFUL!

Chantel I.

This is a truly inspiring post. My bf and I have been struggling for awhile about what to do for a wedding. We want to get married, but we have little money. I got him to read this and he agrees that this is a great idea. Hopefully, we can take a page out of your book and do something similar in the future.


YAY! That's so wonderful.


I'm loving your elopment road trip adventure. All sounds good to me. Happy Birthday to your mister.


That sounds like such a wonderful time! Intimate and fun! Congrats !


your photos are great! hope you have an excellent, unforgettable time :)


Sounds like fun! Congratulations!


I legitimately got chills reading this!

What a wonderful way to honour the marriage and the relationship (rather than stress over a big wedding!) Have a wonderful time & congrats!


Yay for getting married on your terms--it sounds like a great adventure! My husband and I will be married for a year next month, and we also did just exactly what we wanted to do for our wedding (including a game of capture the flag right after the ceremony). I'm so glad that we didn't let anyone else's idea of what a wedding should be get in the way of our wonderful, joyful weekend. Have a great time!

My @ tha Hotness

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! I love the way that you guys are getting married.


Beautiful! We moved from Humboldt County last year and it (and Mendocino County) are such unique, amazing parts of the world. Best to you!

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