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Aug 30, 2010



Great photos!


I love your photog eye Jena-your pics are always so creative and interestingly cropped and angled.

My Mondays typically consist of getting up at the crack of dawn to get the bambino ready and get to work to discuss True Blood and my favorite shows with my work buddies. Oh and maybe get some work done =)

Sweet Ronit

Thank you for changing my attitude regarding the rain. It really was still and quiet this morning. Love the shot of the kitty on your bed and that kitty rug! Fun colors and angles all around.


what a perfect monday!

kerry hawkins

Quite a beautiful and peaceful monday morning


I am looking forward to one day have a rainy day here again. Looks so restful.


I love these! Especially the one of the kitty sitting contemplatively on the quilt... good light makes everything better! My Monday mornings usually sort of hit me like a truck. Unfortunate analogy, but true... I'm struggling through my 6th and final year of grad school and it's pretty rough going. Every week that starts is a week closer to getting done though--I guess I should think about it that way :).

alexandra keller

your pup makes me of what our Bandit will look like in a few years :) what a great face!

Penny (Pocket Carnival)



Nice pictures! Very colorful.

My Monday morning always starts off with a cup of coffee from a mom and pop coffee shop - but only on Mondays, so it is something to look forward to! It is the perfect cup.

Casa e Cose

Love the quilt on the bed and the cats. I used to have cats when i lived in Florence. Miss them!


These photographs are stunning and the light you get is so lovely!


I wish my Monday mornings were filled with so much gorgeous colour! The photos of the squirrel and the cat on the quilt and on the sofa are just delicious :)


that kitty rug is killer! love all your photos, rainy days are the best.

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