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Aug 06, 2010



Your garden turned out beautifully. I'm making note of this to try during the long winter months in Canada.


I'd like to add that this is VERY retro-70's, in the good way!


Looks great! Just when I thought my obsession with air plants had reached its height, you go and remind me that succulents exist.. :)

Erika @ IndieSpotting

Way cool! I adore succulents. I would love this in my house, but I think it would be a source of never-ending interest for my cats... :)


love this!


That is very cool! Well done, and thanks for the detailed article. I have nowhere to put one now, but I will keep it in mind for future homes.


This is great! This is on my to-do list for when I start having better luck with plants! :o)


How do you water the garden? Do you need to take it off the wall?

Renee Garner

Mist the soil/reindeer moss between the succulents. You want the soil to dry out between waterings and if you want to take it off the wall, that's totally up to you.


That is so cool! Thanks so much for the inspiring how-to. I can't wait to try this! I'll be linking as well.

Entertain Exchange

Beautiful - I love bringing the outside in.

Wendy Piersall

How much sun do these plants need? I can't think of wall in my house with anything close to enough sunlight for this. :(

Renee Garner

Some sites list them as needing lots of sun. In my experience I've put my succulents in a sunny room but not direct bright light and they've done ok.


How pretty! My sister has one of these and they spent a ton of money buying everything. This is a great cheap alternative!

Sarah Jane

You were featured on Re-Nest http://www.re-nest.com/re-nest/diy/repurpose-an-old-crate-into-living-wall-art-modish-129796

first came love

I love this idea now that it's too cold to garden! I also found ones on etsy that grow out of wine corks and stick to your fridge.

Shadez of Michelle

This is an awesome project. I have to say you are such an interesting person. I love your blog!

Amy Clarke

I absolutely adore this idea! What a gorgeous way to brighten up a room - a living mural is so much better than just another painting. Thanks!

Woody Medeiros

I am doing this TODAY!!

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