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Aug 05, 2010



I'm just discovering online magazines. I think I'll always miss the object - I like having something to hold and flip through and refer back to, but I love how so many more people can get their vision out through online self-publishing.

Make, Do & Send

I agree that I wouldn't want to see online magazines replace the real thing but I'm really happy to see them along side print mags, especially when they're done really well like Lonny which is my fav online mag :) I think online is great for niche markets too as you don't have to find a store that carries the magazine if it's digital!


I love flipping through a magazine. Online mags are great..but I can't really read them while hanging out by the pool or in the bathtub.


I never thought I'd say this, but I love on-line mags (maybe because it's much easier to flip through them at work!). I also love the possibilities... linking to outside sources, embedding videos, and also the ease of self-publishing.

the clothing menu

yeah..online mags are hard to get used to, but sometimes they are very convenient when you could click through on an ad or article to get to another website. i had never heard of papercut, but just checked it out and i like it! it looks very professionally done and has good content.


Zinio.com has TONS of amazing magazines, including international ones, for great prices! Save trees AND get cheap mags in digital format. Love it.

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