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Aug 17, 2010



PASTA MONSTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I regret reading this post after midnight!
But I do have some vegeroni spirals left in the pantry and homemade pesto so. ... whoohoo!


I'm a pasta monsta too! Should we start a support group or celebratory club or something? :) This sounds fantastic. Bookmarking! :)


Lovely and yummy pasta! And love the show! I buy it on itunes and love it to death. so good!

Talia Christine

Ahhhhhh this sounds and looks so good. I'm feeling hungry and inspired.

Talia Christine



It's funny, I was watching this same episode last night and after just having eaten dinner I was feeling like a glutton because all I wanted was a delicious pasta dish. Oh and don't forget that bread they kept zooming in on while cutting. I would have sat happily at that restaurant even amidst of all that fighting, lol.

Sweet Ronit

Yummy! What's on for tonight? Romeo and I will be over - stat!

Jeffrey Yen

Hit up Pastaworks if you're too lazy to make your own pasta. I had some last week, it was awesome!

Casa e Cose

If I tell you that i spent my last 2 weeks in Sicily hi hi...that is heaven when it comes to food. Pasta a la Norma, Pasta con le alice, Pasta al pesto siciliana, Melanzana a la parmeggiana, arancini, pasta a la mandorla.....and so much more!


yum yum yum. i always used to eat that as a kid and have seemed to have forgotten about it now. thanks for reminding me! forget the leftover soup i have in the fridge, i'm having parmesan pasta for lunch!


yum! I have been doing something similar, but tossing in a bit of garlic and basil with the butter and then adding a handful of feta with the pasta. We are addicted.


I hear ya!
We only watch No Reservations after dinner. Or better WHILE we are eating. Otherwise, we could end up making various unhealthy and crazy stuff in the kitchen.

Miss Modish

oh my gosh, I know- the bread!! That almost sent me into carbolust overload.

Miss Modish

holy moly, you're making me hungry! That does sound like heaven, my goodness.

Miss Modish

oooh yeah, that sounds excellent!


Use a blend of Romano and Parmesan!


mmm, looks so good. have you had the cappellini primavera from pastini? uh-mazing. well really everything at pastini is :)

Miss Modish

No, Ive never even been to Pastini! Hmm... I may have to remedy that soon... :)

Elizabeth @ Dapper Paper

okay, you are not alone, that episode made me SO hungry (and i think we even watched it after dinner) my only complaint with the black and white was that I wanted to see the food in color, but it was such a cool episode!

My fam has always made a version of this where you let the butter get really brown and nutty and then toss it, the flavor is unreal! :)


Hi!!! I just found you thru your bleubird post!! (which was fab btw) Your website is sooo cool & CYOOOOT!!!!

I loved this epi of No Reservations!!! And my husband was BEGGING me to make the cacio e pepe!

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