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Jul 09, 2010



I loooooove zucchini!! My favorite way to eat it is fried up in olive oil with garlic salt, pepper and parmesan cheese. SO good!

Design Fixation

Thanks for all the recipes... I was in desparate need of some creative zucchini ideas. I joined a CSA this year and let's just say that I'm in zucchini overload.

pilli pilli

Ooooh Zucchini time! Huraah!

Have you tried eating the flowers? They are delicious!
I first had them when I had just met my boyfriend, and although at first I was sceptical, I ended up loving them! See I am Belgian, and we don't eat flowers. Flowers go in vases. Vegetables go in plates. That's how it's been for centuries and we like to keep it that way. Now Italians on the other hand, eat everything. Including flowers.

You can either fry them (yes sigh... but tasty) in a light batter, or fry them lightly together with the zucchini (and garlic, of course... and olive oil.)

pilli pilli

Jason Thompson

Just what we're looking for! Our first two green Zuchs are ripe this week in the garden, and we KNOW more are on the way. Doesn't Garrison Keillor say the only time you have to lock your doors at Lake Wobegone is sundays at church during zucchini season. Otherwise you'll come out to your car with a bag full of squash on your front seat! Watching them pop out of our community garden I can see why. Can't wait to try a few of these. Thanks for sharing!

Renee Garner

I'm so glad to share the recipes, if anyone tries the zucchini pasta let me know! I LOVE IT! And one day I'll get to try eating the flowers, too!


check out http://chocolateandzucchini.com/ - she has a recipe for a chcolate and zucchini cake that is amazing!!

Mars, Philippines

I shouldn't have opened this post at 4:30 in the morning. Now where can I get that food?!


i'm eating zucchini & summer squash in my pasta right now! nom nom.


I'm so glad you liked the vegetarian pot pie! It's a goodie :) let me know how it goes!! xo, Tricia

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