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Jul 19, 2010


Sandy a la Mode

congrats congrats congrats lady!!! ohh how very exciting! i LOVE your handmade ring! have fun with planning!!!


congrats to you both! so exciting!!!!! life partners, ahhh...


amazing news! congratulations!


woohoo! Big congrats to both of you! *throws Mrs and Mr in the air* :)


Congratulations! Wonderful news. xo


YAY! Being married is THE BEST THING EVER and deserves all caps. I can't wait to hear all of your plans and your ring is perfect and lovely. I love weddings!

Laura Collins

hap-hap-happy for you! If the engagement pics are this good, can't wait for the wedding pics!

Alice Elizabeth Still


brooke @ claremont road

Congratulations! I absolutely love that ring... and you two look blissfully happy :) Enjoy this exciting time!


Congrats!! These pics are simply lovely!


So excited for you both and I loooooove the ring! It's so dainty and reminds me of something out of Ancient Rome!!

Bess | English Muffin Shop

Yipee! congrats Miss (soon to be Mrs) Modish ;)

Victoria Klein

Lots of major yays & happy stuff! Congrats to you both :D My hubby & I didn't get engaged until we had been together for 5 years. Can't wait to see the wedding photos :D


WOw!!! Love the ring! SO happy for you both - you wre made for each other!!
(The rings are so perfect!!) Now how will you be able to concentrate on anything?!!? :))


congrats!! awesome news!


A million congrats!


congratulations you two make a gorgeous couple!
beautiful ring!

tara - scoutie girl

congrats, jena!!! how exciting! can't wait to see all the wedding planning :)


hooray! I'm 6 weeks away from my big day and I've really enjoyed being engaged.


Congrats Jena! So excited for you. Isn't it the best, most giddy feeling ever!?!


Congratulations! You look so happy in the photos -- you're both glowing!

lesley [smidgebox]

congratulations!! how exciting, and what a delightful time in your life. you two are so ridiculously cute, those pics are awesome!! love it!


Congratulations! You look so happy in the photos -- you're both glowing!

Making it Lovely

So happy for you! Congratulations!


congrats!! :)


Congratulations! I'm very happy for you guys! Enjoy this wonderful time. :)


Congratulations. Those are very happy pictures, they made me smile.

Gila (11m2)

Jena, that is so exciting! Honestly, enjoy the planning and excitement - and those first photos are to die for; I am sure your wedding portfolio will be perfect. :)

Die besten Wünsche und Glückwünsche aus Hamburg!


Yay! Congratulations! You make a very adorable couple.

Amy P

Congratulations! As a recently engaged lady myself, I can't wait to hear more about your wedding plans!!! And your ring is just lovely- are are your pictures. Thanks for sharing and yay love!

coolranchstudio / oh chalet!

you guys are so cute! congratulations on your exciting news!

Color Collective

Congratulations!! How exciting!! Cute pics and LOVE the rings!!


ahhh pop! congratulations!!!!


oh my gosh! congratulations!! yay :)

colleen @ cleanwash letterpress


Emily Rose

The ring is beautiful, you two are beautiful, love is beautiful! Happy hooray for a wonderful next step!


congratulations to you both! you looks so happy!! enjoy the planning season :)

ps. gorgeous ring!!


love you momma!!!!


Congrats to you both!!
What fantastic photos too:)


You two are beautiful...and so is that ring! Congrats...here's to happy days ahead!

Jamie :)


Love the outfit in these photos! Congrats!


Super Congrats! The pcitures are lovely :)


congrats jena!!! i'm so happy for you and the ring is GORGEOUS.


congratulations, beautiful!!!! xoxo


Ive been a Follower of your Blog for a while, Congratulations! Happy Wedding Planning, Your a Beautiful Couple. Jamie


Hey congratulations! You both look incredibily happy!

Jenna @ sweet fine day

Excellent news Jena! So happy for you and adorable photos.


Oh I bet you feel light as a feather and giddy beyond imagination! I still get distracted by my sparkler. A huge congratulations! Being married is the RADDEST! I do hope you share your wedding photos. I'm sure it'll be beyond gorgeous.

Lee May

Oh, MASSIVE congrats to you both Jena!!!! You both look gorgeous in those pics and you are going to have such a fun time planning it all :D
I recently got married and it's AWESOME, the week running up to it, the weekend of it and the two holiday weeks after were seriously the best time ever.
ENJOY! I look forward to seeing the pics xxx

Anjuli A

congratulations!! i also got engaged recently (about a month ago) after dating my man for 6 years! so i really know how you feel. :) your pics are adorable!


AWW! Congrats! I can't wait to see your inspiration images for the wedding...I know they're going to be gorgeous!

Sweet Ronit

J2 2gether 4ever.

Congratulations!!! The engagement photos are so very sweet, and your rings are beautiful!


Congrats to a happy and lovely looking couple!


Congrats! You two are so cute together!


Omg- that is so great!!!!! You guys are so incredibly adorable together- congratulations!

pilli pilli

The ring is really beautiful
& I'm sure you!ll find yourself a gorgous dress too!

Enjoy getting ready for the BIG day!
pilli pilli


Congrats! So HAPPY for you. :)



emery jo

jena!!!! i'm so happy right now i could just... just... BLOW UP! Congratulations you sweet, wonderful human, you. Love love! :)


What what? Congrats lady! You guys make such a beautiful and happy looking couple. Way to go!

Heather - Dollar Store Crafts

Congratulations!! Woo hoo! I love the ring - another vote for low-profile!

gaia • Illustration

Yay congratulations!!! Such great news!


congrats jena! can't wait to see pictures of everything; your wedding is going to be so beautiful!

daisy janie

wahoooooooooooooooo!!! congratulations to both of you! so wonderful! your joy really comes through in those photos - made me happy!

Down and Out Chic

HUUUUUUGE congrats!!! adorable pictures and your ring is just lovely. handmade wedding/engagement bands are the best! yay, so happy for you!


this makes me tear up!! I'm so so so so so so so happy for you both! Tell J I said CONGRATULATIONS, (he picked the best woman EVER)...(and I suppose you picked the best man ever too...) love you guys. I'm so happy for you and I can't wait to celebrate with you! woot woot! team married is the most wonderful.

Leslie @ every good and perfect

So fun! Congrats congrats congrats! Love your ring choice :)

alexandra keller

that's awesome! congrats!it took us 9 years, but it was worth the wait :)


mazel tov!
i'm so happy for you, i've been following you for quite a while and you seem like such a great couple!
and the picture on the stairs is perfection

Kristen- Marinade Handmade

Congratulations Jena!!! I am so happy for both of you! So exciting! And good for you guys for doing it quickly. I wish we had done the same... 10 months was way too long, we are just ready to be married already! Have fun and enjoy this fun planning time and good luck to you both! PS. Love the ring! :)


congrats! this sounds weird but your eyes look great next to each other


Congratulations and best wishes! Great photos!


congrats and much happiness!!! the photos are really sweet and LOVE your ring :)


Congratulations, Jena!! This is so exciting!! Your ring is absolutely GORGEOUS. I can't wait to hear all about the wedding planning. :)


Yay!! Congratulations!


Oh yeah! Super big congratulations, I’m such a fan of the blog and can’t wait to hear all about the wedding details.

Becka @Studio222 Photography

YAY! Your wedding is going to be AMAZING. Congrats!!!!!!! Ps. I adore the ring. So lovely.


Congrats! You two look so happy. I can't wait to read posts about planning the wedding!


Congratulations!!! Your engagement photos are so wonderful and energetic, and your ring looks completely lovely. I hope all of the wedding planning goes smoothly!




congratulations!!! lovely pictures, cute earrings!


Congrats Jenna! Good luck on the planning and enjoy this time and have fun!


Yay, yay, yay!!! Congrats Jenna and Justin. Welcome to the family!
Your soon to be cousin-in-law,

Mallory - Miss Malaprop

Congrats! You guys are too cute!


Wow...you look so happy. Congrats!


Congratulations!! That is so fantastic!!!


Oh my goodness Jena, a *huge* congrats! Love the ring, love the photos, love the engagement. :-)


Congrats - fabulous pictures, and looooove the ring!


woo-hoo! congrats, and thanks for sharing the excellent pics!


Love that fresh I am engaged feeling, ride the high. It is only topped by the I got married today bliss. Pictures were awesome and the ring is gorgeous.


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy!!! So excited and happy for you! Congratulations!!!!!!!


wonderful news!! big congrats - very excited for you :)


Congratulations! Nice ring and nice time of year to plan for! :)
(I'm happy to say, I've recently found out what that feeling is like as well! ;)


wow wow wow! you gave me geese pimples! this is ...beyond awesome! Congratulations! OMG awesome!


WOWEE! Congrats! That's so exciting! The ring IS beautiful. Love love love...

Emily McCall

Woo-hoo! Congratulations! Been reading modish for a looong time and never commented before, but I'm so excited for you and hope we get to hear about lots of wedding pretty stuff!


Gorgeous ring - congratulations!


Oh this is such good news, congratulations to the both of you! Can't wait to see what you'll be wearing on the big day! I'm so excited already, lol!

Carol Ann

Congratulations you two both...love your ring, organic and amazing...great pictures, I can feel your smiles through the computer screen.


Love love love the rings!

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