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Jul 23, 2010



Jena -- just want you to know I love your blog! I find lots of fun daily inspiration here, and am so happy I discovered it. Thanks for everything! Also, I highly recommend bocce ball...it's my favorite!


OOH, I was just about to say bocce. But I recommend a nice $40 set and not the Chanel set that I saw in this month's Vogue.


I love this print! We just set up badminton in our backyard last weekend, but it's so hot we can't play for long.

Have fun with the wedding planning!


Oh, I love bocce too! I used to play in the back yard with my grandfather before Sunday dinner.


It's all about the bocce!!


I'm loving this beautiful weather. This Sunday I will be selling my stationery at the Super Rad PDX Craft Show. I encourage portlanders to stop by to peruse crafts, enjoy free beer and catch some live music.


I dig badminton and croquet, but I haven't played lawn games in ages either.


I recently discovered bocce ball! My boyfriend's family plays it at family get togethers, it's so fun! I'm terrible, but oh well. I also re-discovered frisbee! So fun.


The shuttlecock print is adorable! It reminds me of my childhood. :)


i love this print! thanks for sharing

Renee Garner

Oh wow! I'm a little slow catching up these days, but never too late to show a whole buncha appreciation! Thank you so much for sharing my print!!

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