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Jun 18, 2010



Hey, I think you'd love Mountain Rose Herbs---so many awesome tools and supplies...and herbs. I shop on-line because I am familiar with their stuff, but getting a free paper catalog is well worth it to introduce you to all things "herby". Plus, they fund sustainability projects and have been doing so for years, it isn't trendy for them.



I love comfrey, we make a salve out of comfrey leaf & root and it's amazing at healing wounds FAST! Comfrey root is especially powerful at cell regeneration, I've heard that it can even bond two pieces of meat together! Amazing stuff.

mary jo

So good to know! My kitties are always getting into with the Mean Orange Cat and I have had some crazy bills as a result! Thanks for the info!

xo Mary Jo

Lisa Falzon

How sweet! Bolstering those nine lives, the natural way ;)


Oh, I didn't know about comfrey. But I do use tea tree oil on occasion.

Renee Garner

thanks for the link, what a fun site!

Renee Garner

tea tree oil is great, but there seems to be conflicting advice on using it on animals. do you use it on your pets?


Thanks for the recipe. I have a love-hate relationship with comfrey, but as I use it to make compost tea, as I watch the chickens and bumble bees savor it, and as I learn about ideas like this, I come to love more than hate this amazing plant (it is super invasive though, at least where I'm at).

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