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Jun 11, 2010


Kristen- Marinade Handmade

It looks great!!! I've always envied your beautiful curls... grass is always greener I guess... :)

Clementine Cassie

Totally, totally hot. Congrats on taking the leap and doing it yourself -- and doing it well!! I think it looks great.


Beautiful! Not just your hair, but you yourself!
I like the little curls framing your face; it's soft & romantic. :)

Linda :: alamodestuff

Super cute! I love your tight curls!


The soft curls around your face look perfect! Don't pin them back! :)

Naomi @ NIMO.

Very pretty indeed :) I'm sure you'll get used to them super quickly.


cute, cute, cute sweetie!!!!


You look great! The style really fits you.


it's adorable!! i have curly hair too and i so wish mine was more like yours!!

boo- ti-ful!!


cute, cute, totally cute! I love the sassy little do. Good scissor work friend!


OMG!! So super cute, your face really pops!

Lise M

Beautiful! Very stylish, au courant!!

Lupen Grainne

It looks gorgeous ! You have awesome hair !!

Color Collective

So cute!!

Elisa - elisa shere jewelry

Looks great! I don't think it looks 70's at all. And it looks great down or back (critical for any curly do).

Marcie - La Bella Joya

My hair curls like yours does, and it's black. I got the short-front layers a while ago and it stays completely out of my face, which allows me to avoid the behind-the-ear straight strip that used to develop around 5:00 pm. I like your new 'do, I'm glad you do too. :)

Angie Muldowney

Hooray, you did it, and it looks awesome! It's got my curly-head to thinking......


Looks great. Love that hair. Mine is between curly and straight. Depends on the day sometimes I have a huge head of curls and then other days it's as straight as a pin. Must be all the blood lines I've got running through my veins. Either way I love my bangs too. They are fun, flurty and fresh. Enjoy!


Super duper cute! The shorter pieces in front really bring out your eyes, which are lovely.

Stacy Low

The bangs are so DARLING!!! Your new look is fabulous! I knew you'd be brave and go for it - you're my hero!

Emily Rose

You hair is really cute! The layers are just PERFECT!

Chantel I.

You look amazing. Beautiful haircut!


I think they look amazing and you are so gorgeous!


You are incredibly gorgeous!!!


Beauty! I love them, and your hair is awesome!!
{stick straight here....sigh....}
rock it, girl!

Penny (Pocket Carnival)

Oooh! You look gorgeous! And I totally love those necklaces on you. Hooray!

lisa s

you look adorable! perfect for summer!


You're stunning!


looks great, don't forget curly hair always needs a week or so to settle and get it's weight back, by then it will be perfect and you ecstatic :)


super cute! i love them! i think you made an excellent choice.


DANG you got good hair!

The curls around your face are perfect when its pulled back in a ponytail.

Jealous as all hell.


Gorgeous! The shorter bits really frame your face.

Kate x


I like it, it's girlish and cute!


it's perfect! maybe you should giveaway a free haircut.. by you ;)

Mari Richards

I really really like it. There's something very pleasing to it from a sculptural point of view? I finally found a stylist that cuts my hair when it's dry - and it's like sculpting. Very satisfying and makes more sense to my creative brain!
Looks amazing!


cute! way to go!


Very cute.


You look amazing! Nice handiwork. And it could only be 70's-ish in the very best sense.


WOW! I didn't think you could become MORE stunning! - you've accomplished it! Fab.


It is PERFECT!!!!! Congratulations, you'll get used to them very fast I'm sure. Like, tomorrow.

Now I want mine! he he

Katie Beary

you are SO beautiful


Yay Love them! You look great:)


so so so cute!!


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