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Jun 25, 2010


Purple Deer

Now all I need is to hunt down a cheap chandelier...and I will be copying you.


What a great idea!

Diane Costanza

Wow! I love this idea! I have wanted a chandelier on my porch forever and now I know that this is the perfect solution. Thanks!



Completely awesome! I'm gonna do this, I am.


I love this. It would be especially pretty with long trailing ivy and a very short string of battery-operated mini-lights (10 or 15 bulbs) nestled in each globe. That would create a very beautiful effect at night without cords. GE is one of several makers of this kind of light (look online...there are lots of options).


What a lovely idea. I think I would plant different types of herbs in it and hang it outside my kitchen. Now if I can only find a chandelier.


Wow! What a great idea and a fun way to add a little glamor to a patio!


That is SO cool!!! Now... to get a patio so I can make one...

Renee Garner

Thanks everyone! If you do make one (or any of the other projects I talk about on here) I'd love to see them posted on flickr in the Punk Rawk Garden group!

Renee Garner

dang--the link didn't show up:

Tasha Griffin

I just adore this project! I'm kind of on a chandelier kick myself...this is perfect!


Absolutely love it!


what a cleaver idea. love it!


With the right kind of drill bit, you could put drain holes in those glass cups.


I've thought about candles or candle lights but not plants. A whole new thought world to enJOY! Found you on Craft Gossip. Congrats!


I was wondering if it might be worthwhile to drill a small drainage hole in the underside of the low point of each chandelier arm. Since each arm is hollow (it used to contain the wiring,) water would drain through each saucer into the arm. Drilling a small hole in each arm would allow that water to drain out.

Betty King

Drill a hole in the bottom of each cup for drainage and let it rain on your pretty creation. All will be well.

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