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Jun 14, 2010





You make some fine-looking pancakes!
My daughter is the pancake chef around here and she had to work early, so I strolled down to our new corner deli for a half-caf americano and the most delicious almond croissant.


pancake is definitely my favourite, with Nutella!


I love brown toast and scrambled egg on a Sunday morning! Apart from that I just have to rush some toast or cereal in the morning.

You make awesome pancakes!

Kate x


my favorite work week breakfast is kinda odd. I have an all-natural peanut butter and fresh fruit spread sandwich and coffee in my portable french press. I always eat at work because it helps me from getting too hungry too early. I even take it to meetings if they are scheduled at the crack of dawn! It is easy, portable, healthy and yummy!

jennifer young

what a perfect breakfast! that last photo is choice. the colors and placement of food + objects it perfection! i love a good belgium waffle with agave syrup and fresh fruit on top to start off a big week ahead!

Anna Caroline {Design Studio 210}

My favourite has to be brown bread with veggies and cottage cheese, together with oatmeal and banana or hmm....swedish 'filmjölk' (sort of sour milk).

Your breakfast looks really good though :D I got in the mood for pancakes now myself.

Anjuli A

yum! i like to go with a fried egg on a toasted english muffin, with melted cheese and some hummus perhaps. coffee is always good too!


I never do pancakes on a Monday as I don't have the time. Sunday, however is a different story! Actually me and another blogger have just announced an event, Breakfast Club - you should check it out. http://fingersandtoes.wordpress.com/2010/05/26/announcing-breakfast-club/ We've got a great prize now too.


Looks yummi! I love american pancakes and syrup. I love diners. There is no diners in Europe :(

Simone Walsh

My favourite breakfast currently is scrambled eggs with parsley and goat's cheese. Yum!

Clarence Close

Breakfast is my most favorite meal of the day. You can get away with so much if you want to stoke up in the morning as there is the whole rest of the day to burn it off. Give me 3 eggs over easy, crisp bacon, hash browns with brown gravy, fresh brewed coffee and English muffin with creamy butter and marmalade. Hmmm Good.

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