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Jun 08, 2010



I really appreciate it! Thank you sooooooo much :)


Loving these tribals! Really beautiful!
Looks like I need to plan a trip to Thailand:)


I really like the mixture of their own culture but taking it a little bit further, making it more modern. The handkraft is beautifull.
I wonder though: when you say all natural fibers like cotton or hemp do you mean organic? A lot of companies say natural fibers like it should be something great but usually its not organic and if its not organic then its just a marketing bluff really. Take in consideration that 3% of the land is used to produce cotton but that cotton uses 25% of all pesticides ever - its like so bad cotton if its not organic.


Helena, you are absolutely right that there is an awful amount of greenwashing out there. I was quoting Thaitied's own description of their materials, and while I do not know if they are using organics, I mentioned that they are using natural fibers because despite cotton's ecological downsides it can be preferable to many synthetics.

Mainly I am happy to see an artist using a rapidly-renewable fabric like hemp and repurposed vintage fabrics in such a lovely way.


Great find! Thanks for sharing.


Wow, I really love the patterns of the fabric on these pieces.

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