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May 28, 2010



Dandelions are one of my favorite plants, ever. They are really beautiful -- the geometry of the puffy seed heads is amazing. I use them in photographs and have even put wire in them to keep them from wilting.


Oh, that sounds fun, tee hee ;) I am getting more and more into gardening and will be moving to a decent size yard in a couple weeks...so we can actually have a small garden and not just containers, yay! My oldest daughter is taking on a 'compost' project which I think is awesome. We found a big round compost that you turn...but any tips you have for us would be wonderful!

Thanks a bunch,
Jamie :)

Renee Garner

Jamie--I don't have much experience with compost tumblers, but some thoughts: put it somewhere you won't forget about it; keep an eye on the moisture--the plastic bins are a little trickier to keep with the right amount of water, too much and it'll stink something awful, too little and the compost process will be slooooow; put several shovels of dirt from close by into the bin to feed it some of the local soil organisms.


Thanks for the tips Renee! Not sure if we'll go with the round tumbler or something else but I'll have to do a bit more research so we don't stink it up and scare away our neighbors, tee hee ;)

Jamie :)

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