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May 12, 2010


Lee May

LOVE the tank...I've been wanting to do that to some of my bits and pieces of late!

Nursing tops

i like your jeans, it is super cute then match with that fabulous sandals. that's adorable. :D


Love this one! Simple and elegant:)
And love what you did with the tank!

Clementine Cassie

Jena, not only is this outfit crazy awesome, but so is the new living room!!! LOVE.


you are super stylee. Love this outfit, perfect for a spring day.


that stripey shirt is cute! is that your flat in the background? it looks great!

Rachel @ a la Modest

Those jeans look great! I am in dire need of high-waisted pants. The blue stripes and blue jeans are lovely together.



I have chosen you for the Sweet Blog Award.
You can see it at my blog: http://giveustimetoshine.blogspot.com/

Enjoy! :)

Kate x

Miss Modish

Thank you! It is, its our new house! (with lots of unpacked boxes on the otherside of those doors :)


outfit is great but I kept looking at your lovely house

shari @ little blue deer

Love the tank, very clever! I am all about the nautical stripes for summer! Anyway, just popped by to say hello from Diamonds and Coal, lovely to meet you! Cheers!


Wow, you are rocking those high-waisted jeans perfectly--wish they looked that good (and non-frumpy) on me. And your house looks like it's shaping up beautifully! We're all too busy looking at your outfit to notice the yet-to-be-unpacked stuff behind you anyways. ;)


those jeans are SO awesome (would have guessed they were vintage) and look so damn good on you!

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