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May 17, 2010


Jay (UK)

I can assure you that you are not the only one like this! I too moan about how I feel even though I know exactly why I feel like. Thing is, I actually enjoy exercise when I do it but getting from sitting on my butt to actually doing some only rarely occurs...I have a vision of myself being this fit and healthy person with bags of energy an I know I'm the only one that can make it happen...so why the chuff do I make excuses and reach for more choccy cake and coffee thinking I'll start tomorrow? Go figure! Even 15 minutes of movement and a couple more glasses of water a day would be an improvement! I'll make a deal with you, I'll make one positive change a week until I'm more balanced and you can keep me accountable to it!


I, too, am a lazy asshole. Thanks for putting all of that out there. Maybe I will too.

HJM Art Gallery

Oh! I just saw your tweet and had to read it! WOW! I am soooo much the same! Missed meals and no exercise.... I think my bones cannot be moved anymore, :-) LOL I know, I know I need to make some changes and your list is wonderful! The question is how to make it happen? There always seem to be an excuse.....


This is such a good list, and one I need to start following myself! Haha, laziness is so true as much as I hate to admit it. Partly it is business also, but I think I sometimes mistake procrastination and distraction for being busy when in reality living a bit of a healthier lifestyle would help me to be more focused in my work I think, and thus get more done efficiently.

Thanks for the kick in the pants!

Miss Modish

"I think I sometimes mistake procrastination and distraction for being busy when in reality living a bit of a healthier lifestyle would help me to be more focused in my work" OH MY GOSH! EXACTLY!!!!

Miss Modish

I know, seriously! I'm with you on the exercise. I think one positive change per week seems like a good plan. I'm focusing on food this week! Must start eating better.

Account Deleted

Recognizing that you need some changes is the first step toward getting out of the Lazy-A Ranch! Don't beat yourself up for past laziness or times when you don't meet all of your goals every single day. The latter will only serve to make you throw in the towel for another 6 mos b/c you feel like you failed and you can't do it. Habits take 30 days to form. Get a calendar and check them off everyday or give yourself a gold star! Something to make you "see" what you've done! You'll feel better all the time, but you won't necessarily look different - and that can sometimes dupe one into thinking all that healthy crap is for the birdies. But in your heart of hearts, you already know that's not true. Do what you can, when you can, just don't give-up on yourself!!


I have the same problem with laziness, but I've managed to find two methods that seem to help:

- I exercise with a friend (we keep each other accountable!). It's the first thing we do in the morning, a regularly scheduled affair.

- I cook a huge pot of something and eat it for several days. It's so easy to reheat a soup, stew, or curry and throw together a quick fresh salad to go with it.

Good luck with your list, Jena - and thanks for your awesome blog! :-)


That first picture looks delicious! If you cook something like that it would be irresistable not to eat healthy! :D

Miss Modish

Oh that's a good idea, a gold star, or some sort of record of acheivement/progress! I-cal, here I come :)


I know that sounds pretty "mommy dearest" but while I make the weekly grocery list, we make a weekly list of meal options and put in on the fridge. This way my husband and I can just pick one of the dinner options and make it. That way no one stands in front of the fridge with the door open, saying "honey, I don't know what to make...ugh"


i think you might be my long lost cousin. "I'm a vegetarian who lives off pasta and bread and cheese pretty much."


i emailed this to my boyfriend cause it matches me almost exactly :) Your ability to do it motivates me! Thanks.


Ugh; I'm so with you on this one. I just started a series on my blog called Good Habits so I can inspire myself to do better. My first new habit was drinking a glass of water in the morning. Good luck Jena!

Mallory - Miss Malaprop

Oy, I totally feel you on this one. I'm bad about even getting up to stretch when I'm working away at my desk. My boyfriend recently tipped me off to the fact that there's a plugin for Firefox called StretchClock that will remind you to get up and stretch a bit! I try to be conscious of drinking water when I'm working too... if I drink more water it also forces me to get up off my butt to go to the bathroom at least!



I love this post so much! I am a total card-carrying member of the lazy asshole club. I'm not a blogger but a grad student and somehow my schedule looks a lot like yours... skip breakfast, eat large lunch at 12ish, snack like crazy, and god knows what happens to dinner. And exercising? I walk a fair bit, but as for really getting my heart rate up, forget it.

The one positive change I've made is to start getting produce boxes from a local farmer's collective-- kinda forces me to at least cook a little and make veggies I normally wouldn't.

Good luck! Hope to hear good things on the blog :-)


I'm a lazy asshole... and combined with all that I smoke and I'm an online game so I have a lot of bad habits to break. I noticed if I kept a bottle of water with me at ALL times, I drank the whole thing and then some during the day without even thinking about it. I'm not a vegetarian, and I live with two carnivores but none of us cook. It's kind of... sad lol.

coolranchstudio / oh chalet!

jena - thanks for writing all this down so i don't have to! :) i am right there with you on about 3/4 of your list. i really did have plans to enact some of those goals in january (new year, fresh start, etc) and i am just now feeling surprised that it is already almost june and i haven't done one thing! at all!! seriously, thank you.


Joe's Goals is a good site for tracking that sort of thing. It helped me for a while, and I was really able to establish some habits by the end of using it.

Routines that help me:

Cutting up fruit once a week. That way I have fruit slices/salad in the fridge for easy healthy snacking. I also (working outside the home) make sure I have baby carrots and broccoli and dip around at all times.

Keeping a WATER PITCHER at my desk. I have an ice maker in my refrigerator both at home and at work, and ice cold water close at hand helps me remember to drink more. I also have this totally hideous but magical 32-oz hospital mug with lid and straw - drink 2 a day and you're done! - but it is REALLY UGLY and I had to be hospitalized to get it, so I'm not sure I recommend it.

Sweet Ronit

This is so timely -- since Friday afternoon, I've been trying really hard to drink more water! And I started thinking about how good I used to feel doing yoga. I want to start at least stretching and doing some poses every day. I think part of it for me is not putting too much pressure on myself and starting out slow -- my home work-outs don't have to be for hours and hours, even just 15 minutes is better than nothing. As far as cooking goes, The Kitchn is a great place to start for inspiration!


Squeeze some lemon into your water so you get a vitamin C hit too.

I've recently been making some small lifestyle changes, starting just over a year ago... they've all flowed into each other in a way. First, I started getting a fortnightly delivery of organic vegetables. This forced me to stay in and cook healthy and delicious meals! Now that I'm used to getting the box I've increased the frequency to weekly.

However, there were always too many carrots. Then I discovered a recipe for a juice involving carrots (400g), an orange, a small piece of ginger and 120 ml almond milk. I became absolutely hooked on this juice, but it's not a bad thing to be hooked on. I have it about three times a week, and it really helps with my energy levels and general clarity.

Then I took up hula hooping. So much fun, and now that I'm a few classes in it feels like really good exercise too. I've bought a hoop and practice about three times a week.

And today.... I bought running shoes. I have Achilles tendon problems so running might be pushing it, but I'm willing to give it a go. I've got a charity race next week which I was planning on walking, but now I want to run it.

One of my top meal tips is to cook twice as much and save leftovers for lunch the next day. I work from home a lot but unlike you I love cooking. If I don't have food ready to eat in the fridge I will gladly procrastinate my day away cooking instead.

I've loved reading everyone's comments on this post. Keep us updated!


Lazy Asshole Club -- love it! Seriously, funniest name ever. I am going to have to re-blog this if you don't mind...

Lately, I've completely changed my diet. First, because I never felt well and had horrible stomach aches. Then, because I wanted to not only feel better, but to be healthier over all and, let's face it, vanity plays its part. I'm mostly a vegetarian -- well, really a pescatarian now. Have you read the book Thrive? It's by a triathlete who's a vegan. I thought it was pretty enlightening because as someone who has tried to go vegetarian several times in the past and failed miserably because I never got enough protein and had no energy (somehow cupcakes became my main source of "nutrition"), it's sort of amazing that someone can be a vegan AND do Iron Man competitions.

Anyway, somehow hemp protein powder has found its way into my life and I mostly just eat fruits and veggies. And I feel SO much better. Might be worth a read (what's really interesting is learning not just what to eat, but when and how to eat the foods).

I'm still not great on the exercising part, but we just moved into a house that has a pool (dream come true!) and it's almost warm enough to use, so I think that will improve shortly... Here's hoping.

Best of luck!!


Right there with ya! I think gardening/planting is considered exercise. Or at least it should be... Eating veggies is key. Eating fresh vegetables out of my garden all last summer is my theory as to why I didn't get sick at all over the fall/winter.


I never drink water either (except with pills). I just never feel thirsty enough to go get some during the day. I'm right there with you on the laziness factor


Who hasnt felt this way!? I just recently pulled myself out of the funk, after feeling not as fit and more lazy than usual. I started forcing myself to go to the gym, and made it a habit! I have to exercise at least 4 times a week or do something active otherwise I am crabby and moopy.
Like someone said above habits are hard to break so once you are in the lazy habit its hard to get out of, but you can dot it! And then you will have a healthier habit that will be harder to break:)
Also the iphone apps for exercise and food helped me keep track of how much I was exercising and eating!
The one I used was MynetDiary, Livestrong.com also has a great exercise and calorie tracker!

Penny (Pocket Carnival)

Bahahah! Funny post. I know exactly how you feel. 2 days in a row now I have made myself a breakfast smoothie! 2 days! Woo!

Make vegie soup. So good.

Good luck!


Ummm...yeah. Ditto to everything and then some.


yaY! you can do it!! I think everyone gets lazy or busy and forgets to take care of their bodies! When i'm working i never drink enough water and sometimes forget to eat or don't have time to :( then i end up starved and exhausted and miserable!! I find getting exercise is much easier when you have some sort of commitment at a certain scheduled time (like a yoga class, or a gym date with a buddy). I think once you start feeling the effects of your healthy efforts you will be hooked! Your little list has inspired me, I think i'll go make one of my own now. Good luck!!


oh you are so not the only lazy one out here in blog land. i need to implement a few of those things off your list myself. number 1, 2, & 3 are things i struggle with too. thanks for sharing this. it's getting me motiveated to get off my lazy butt and do some exercising! :)


I agree with everyone here - it's EASY to fall into the habit of eating what's convenient and hardly ever exercising. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.
In an effort to turn some of this around I recently joined a rather expensive gym. My theory is that everytime I don't go, I waste X amount of money. I've been doing it for a few months now, and it has become somewhat routine.
Also, my boyfriend is constantly on at me to DRINK MORE WATER. I too get headachey and I'm pretty sure hours in front of the computer slowly getting dehydrated is the cause. I now keep a water bottle next to my screen and also drink herbal tea as a way to increase my water intake.
I think the important thing is to try your best and not beat yourself up about it. EVERYONE is a little bit lazy :)


me too me too me too. you are not alone.


I completely understand! I'm going on 34 and I can't believe the shape I'm in! Not that it's horrific, but all my life through my 20s I was a size 0-3 and now I'm a 8-10 and can't get out of it! Mind you I've had to kids but I never thought this would be me. If I had known this in my 20s I would have worn so many other cute clothes and swimwear! I was the shy type though. So now I'm trying to kick the sweets and excersie. I hate it! Good luck to you and I hope you have more will power than I (:


that was suppose to be 'two' kids (not 'to'). Sorry, I hate bad grammar and spelling (:

Lane c

Wow....yeah I am a lazy asshole too. I thinking it really boils down to that. My husband and I joke about it but really it is kinda true....Hmmm thinking about stepping it up. I love the idea of just doing a few things. Not trying to keep it up all up at one. Maybe I will start with exercise..


I still struggle with exercising regularly, and I used to be exactly the same as you on all your food issues. Earlier this year I read Michael Pollan's "In Defense of Food," which really helped to motivate me to eat better, cook better, and actually take pleasure in doing so. It's not self-help or anything, just a really interesting book with an added bonus. Good luck!

Spotted Sparrow

Good for you! I've found it really helpful to make a meal plan each week. I spend less money on groceries and eat much healthier.


a couple of things that helped me:

1. exercising first thing in the morning. it gets you up and going right away, and you'd be surprised how much more energized you feel. it was hard for me to do at first, but my husband would force me out of bed to do it anyway.

2. visit a farmer's market. there will be such color and variety of vegetables that you can't help but want to eat them!


I hope you don't feel like it's just you that struggles with this! It's a super easy rut to get in and it's so difficult to get yourself out.

What helped me get back into a workout routine (after 1-2 years of no real routine to speak of) was signing up not just for a gym membership, but for a class. I've gone to yoga and pilates, but my favorite is cardio kickboxing. It's a small enough class to where they'll notice if I'm not there so that gives me a sense of accountability to go 2-3 times a week. Plus there's someone pushing me to keep going even when my muscles burn, and if I'm honest, I'm a bit competitive which pushes me even more.

I tried being a vegetarian for a couple months a while back and had such a hard time with it. I wasn't eating a balanced enough diet and ended up exhausted all the time. What you eat truly makes a difference in your energy level and how you feel overall. Especially since you're vegetarian, be sure to get enough iron and protein. Who knows, maybe that extra bit of energy from eating healthy will boost your other efforts -- fitness and work!

One more thing -- if drinking enough water is a tough task, try soaking some lemon slices or freshly crushed mint in a pitcher and keep that in the fridge. I always find it easier to drink it when there's some flavor.

Good luck & happy Tuesday!


I have a massive problem with water consumption as well (and actually with everything on your list haha) I've started carrying a water bottle around with me all the time, everywhere and although its not always convenient to have use up one of my hands carrying it, I do end up drinking a ton more water than I used to.

Good luck with your list! I know you can implement the changes you want :D


Hey Jena, I worked out this morning too - at 6:30 and that is a first for me! I like to be healthy and I cook almost every meal at home but it truly is so hard to "do it all". My exercise routine has really fallen by the wayside. What I do know from experience though is that the more you do it the better you feel and the easier it becomes! Congrats on your morning workout!-Cara


"Veggies are occasional, not because I don't like them, just because again, I'm a lazy asshole." --> Haha, made me LOL! I just switched to a vegetarian diet and I can relate. :)


OMG you crack me up! I love this post, since I'm in the same boat. What I have found to be helpful is making exercise more exciting. I try to change it up often, rock climbing, spinning, pilates... When starting a workout routine its easy to get burnt out, so making it different keeps you interested but also gets your body used to EXERCISE. Woot!

Emily Rose

I think you just described me in this post!! It is so hard to take care of yourself when you are busy. I am nervous, I'll be moving to Portland from Seattle soon (!) and I am taking my job with me, meaning I'll be working from home. I'm afraid I will never leave my house to go run around!

It might be helpful to, once a week, cut up a whole bunch of vegetables into little snack sized pieces and put them in a tupperware on a shelf in your fridge where you can easily SEE them. If they are all chopped up and nice you might be more likely to grab a few for snacks! (My mom taugh my that trick, it really works!)

Chantel I.

Thank you for writing this post, Jena! I too am a member of the lazy asshole club. I've gained 50 pounds in over the last ten years because I don't eat well enough and rarely exercise.

I just don't enjoy exercising, and if you don't enjoy it, it's hard to feel motivated to do it. And I love chocolate, and if I can't have some chocolate everyday, I lose my will to live (no joke - ask my friends how well I handled doing Atkins - I totally lost my sense of humour and was pretty joyless to be around). No exercise + a sweet tooth = excess weight. And it sucks.

I don't have much energy anymore, so that makes me even less motivated to exercise. And I feel badly about the extra weight, which makes me more likely to have ice cream for breakfast to cheer myself up. Vicious circle, alright.

Really, I just need to suck it up, eat a little less chocolate (no more ice cream for breakfast.. booooo!) and take a few more walks around the block. I'm glad to hear about your attempts to "healthify" your life, so please keep us in the loop. Maybe if I see/hear how it's working for you, I'll be more motivated to try it too.


Ohhh I have the same problems! First, it can be hard to cook nicely for so few people to begin with; it's so different when its just you and not kids that you have to keep healthy! :) I know for a lot of people, doing all the prep work one day a week for all your meals really helps. I also find that getting to the Farmer's Market each week really helps get me inspired! Knowing my dog really needs to be walked every day helps me get my butt out the door at least once a day. :) (And I don't know about you, but my metabolism started dying around 25!)

Emily Rose

You might also want to try signing up for a CSA! (Community Supported Agriculture) Our CSA box that we get June-October is amazing, full of vegetables, and supports a small farm at the same time!


I feel like I could write a book about all the good things I should be doing for myself that I DON'T do. But writing that book would probably be good exercise for my brain, so I'm not gonna do it either.

What I would like to do is introduce you to the lazy asshole's best friend: a crazy high power blender, like the Vita-Mix. From one lazy asshole to another, I can tell you that it's a hell of a lot easier to drink your fruits and veggies (together) in smoothie form than it is to cook and eat them on a daily basis.

I bought a Vita-Mix 5200 almost 2 years ago and it has changed my life (gosh, I sound like an infomercial). I went from eating vegetables once or twice a month to getting at least 2 servings of veg a day with my morning smoothie (smoothies are my breakfast now). Mind you, my recipe has evolved a lot since I first started them (embarrassing admission: I am 31 years old and only began to LIKE vegetables in the last year or so). So while the recipe that follow might not sound terribly appetizing, you can tweak and sweeten to your heart's content and work your way up to incorporating more healthy things.

Blue-Lu Smoothie
8 to 10 ounces water (I'll use coconut water sometimes, if I'm feeling fancy and have it on hand)
2 oz. carrots (about 10 to 12 baby carrots)
1 medium-size fresh banana
6 oz. frozen blueberries (about 3/4 of a cup, heaped up)
2 to 3 oz. fresh baby spinach (about 2 large handsful)

If I'm feeling fruity, sometimes I'll swap 2 oz. of frozen mango in place of the carrots and maaaaaaaan is that freakin' delicious. It's worth noting that a lot of what kept me from working out before was bad joint pain, and since I started having the smoothies every day, my pain very rarely rears its ugly head. Here's a link to some of my early vitamix experiments on flickr, if you're interested. I probably ought to post some updates.


Anyway, good luck to you!

Miss Modish

You are ALL so informative and supportive and awesome. I was not expecting such crazy amazing responses.

Thank you oh healthy ones for your tips and advice, SO SO much appreciated.

And fellow lazies, thanks for sharing that I'm not alone out here in lazytown! Let's try to change together, shall we? One step at a time!


What a great post. I want one of those Vita Mixes! I am also part of your club, also looking for fun ways to exercise. I'm trying this out (free trial):

I know, it would be good to actually GO to the yoga studio, but sometimes I just can't or to be honest, won't. Keep us posted with what works!


Well it seems that there are lots of us lazy assholes out there from the list of comments. I too am a lazy asshole! I know so much about nutrition, healing and health yet I too fall into the don't drink all day, don't exercise, don't eat till noon. It's insane! I do have a good link to a raw blog that is amazing. When I'm not lazy I just make raw food which gives me crazy energy. It's all about taking care of yourself and being committed to yourself. Here is the link in case you want to try some easy and really healthy and crazy tasty foods....


ha! I loved reading this, it's so my lifestyle. I'm another vegetarian who doesn't eat enough vegetables....and that makes me a lazy asshole too...

Renee Garner

Yep--add me to the lazy asshole roster. Just recently I've started making pitchers of green tea to keep in the fridge here at work, then I sip on that throughout the day. Trader Joe's has a cranberry green tea that's soooo good cold, and no need to sweeten it up. It boosts my water intake and keeps me from drinking too much coffee.
And at home I've been keeping carrots and hummus in the fridge for a healthy, addictive snack that's so much better than the Luna bars I used to get as a grab-n-go snack.
I'd also like to second (third, fiftieth?) the farmers market suggestion. The food is so deliciously fresh you don't really want to over-cook it, just do a little something to enhance the flavor like a 5 minute saute instead of a full-on hour long meal making session.

Kristen- Marinade Handmade

Lisa just talked about the VitaMix but you can really use any blender. I have started making green smoothies in the mornings for my mister and I and we love them. Just throw in whatever fruit you have lying around with some spinach or other greens and a little bit of water or juice and voila! Green smoothie and a few servings of fruit and veggies. It's definitely been helping us to eat better and breakfast is super easy now. Nothing to cook!


I'm self-employed too (photographer) and I didn't even drink water with my pill! So two weeks ago I bought a 1.4 litre jug from WalMart, and I told myself I had to drink one jug-full a day. I lug my jug all over the place, but here's the thing (and boy, did i hate water): after about 4 days, I found myself drinking MORE than one, actually CRAVING water, and aside from that:

- clearer skin
- better sleep
- healthier appetite
- more energy
- no dark circles!!!

So of course, I will keep chugging from my jug now that I've seen some fast results!! It does get better, I promise.


Gah, I really need to do the exercise thing as well--I used to walk a ton everywhere and that helped, but now: nothing. It's so hard to find the time!
As for the cooking dilemma, I've found that making a big batch of soup (one of the easiest things to make ever, and it's easy to stuff it full of veggies, so you can feed two birds with one scone right there) once a week works great since it provides enough left-overs for lunches or times when you don't feel like cooking during the week.


oh, i wish i had gotten in on this conversation sooner! i've been feeling the same way. even though i work out 3-4 times a week, and ride my bike everywhere, i have let my eating habits slip. and i've been drinking alcohol more regularly lately, for some reason. i don't know if it's spring or what, but my body is telling me it's time for a change. rather than do some huge detox, i'm just working on eating better, healthier things. being prepared is the key for me--i NEED to go grocery shopping and have healthy things on hand. i also need to take the time to cook. not only do i like what i make, i enjoy the process of cooking! it's a total de-stresser for me. after going to the gym and buying some fruit and yogurt this morning, i thought, 'ah! i feel so good when i take care of myself!' DUH! also, about the water: i don't have a huge jug, but i did buy myself a keen kanteen, and i carry it everywhere. i love having a bottle i can fill up anywhere. it really does make drinking water way more accessible (and pretty, potentially!).
my laziness also takes over my creativity, and that's something i need to address. i NEED to be making new work, and i just haven't been. so i need a few kicks in the ass.

Melinda K E

Oh, that list looks so familiar to me, ha! I also work a sedentary job and have for the past ten years, I turned thirty last year and I put on a whopping 22 LBs!!! As much as I hate to exercise, I bought a upright exercise bike for under $100 and I force myself to work out for 45 minutes every other day. It feels so good to have a day off between exercise days! I'm not a morning person at all, but a funny thing happened when I started exercising...my body wakes up early and at the same time every morning! I drink lots of water but my body develops kidney stones so I really need to up my water intake. Ugh. As a fellow vegetarian I actually do cook a lot, but like you my diet is heavy on carbs and cheese. Ugh. Must incorporate more fruit and veggies! If you find any good recipes please post them! Good luck and stay motivated!


I'd say that you're certainly not the laziest blogger in blogtown, but you're likely the most honest! It's very cool of you to own up to your weak spots in such a public forum. Sometimes it's easy to think that successful bloggers like yourself lead this lovely life of organic foods, perfectly cleaned and decorated apartments, and gorgeous wardrobes. A dose of reality is oh-so-welcome.


love this post! i'm also an unhealthy vegetarian, but a few years ago i started making green smoothies for breakfast every morning and haven't stopped. it's an amazing feeling to have 5 servings of fruits and veggies before you get dressed. read "green for life" by victoria boutenko (or talk to me :) also i don't think we live too far apart, if you're ever interested in going for a brisk walk together let me know!


I love to exercise to ( ha ha and yess I am vegetarian that i call my self a breaditarian, because I eat more bread than veggies :P), but the problem is getting myself off my butt. A recommendation that really brought me out of my lazy funk, was joining an exercise group, we call it "boot camp." Its amazing because when you are with a group you all support each other so you push yourself harder than you would by yourself, and once you have a commitment and people expect you to go, you will feel more inclined to do it, and have a great time when you are there. Or join a once a week adult team for a sport you enjoy ( my stepdad does softball and has the greatest time). Hope it helps.


that was a good read. i was an unhealthy vegetarian for many years. i truly believe this "the body has all of the healing intelligence we need to completely heal and stay well." my man & i have been eating right since dec and i see a huge change in both our lives. mikes lost 30lbs and i have lost about 10lb. we both look and feel great! i even enjoy running! i hope you are staying with your list, i know change is hard at first... but once you start feeling great about it its way easier. going to check out the green for life. i need to work on my mornings.. not a fan of waking up early. another topic: did you get bangs? all those photos you posted were great. i too was just thinking about how i want to change to my curly hair. i have had no bangs since 8th grade and the thought of chopping them off scares me.


thank you for posting about green for life. read it just this week. wanting to start the "green smoothies" very soon!

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