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May 14, 2010



what beautiful cats you have! =D
is it just me or do designers seem to favor cats?? i have 3 myself. but i notice i design related posts or photos cats always seem to be around.
have a god one!


*good not god.

Lindsay {Shrimp}

Neko is such a pretty litle fellow and looks like a kitten still! Also - Lisa - you might be onto something. I've got two, and if I had more square footage, I'd probably have seventeen! lol

and flowers pick themselves

the light + eyes in the last photo are stellar. enjoy your day :)

xo Alison

Spotted Sparrow

Ahahaaa, it DOES looks like a school photo. I can totally see the photographer saying "just tilt your head little to the left". Happy weekend!

Penny (Pocket Carnival)

So many kitties! Hooray!


You have such beautiful kitties! And those are some really great poses. I adore the first one with the two looking up and Neko watching his own thing. Cats are so wonderful and silly that way. (That's why I have 2!)


Aww cute kitties, makes me miss my "troop".


I guess cats are very designer... sleek and unique. =D
and their personalities are always unique and have their own opinions without a doubt. I too would have many more if it weren't for the space/expense!


Cats thrive in a creative environment and they provide for the need to have a muse around, to inspire. A fluffy muse :)

Lulu F.

I love cats!
the orange one is very cute near the other!

Nice blog!
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Neko looks just like my Griz when she was younger.

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