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Apr 19, 2010



Your new home looks wonderful! These photos are great, it looks like you've lived here a while already instead of just moving in. And I love your thoughts about homes on bloggerland--home is an expression of yourself, not a trendy object!


Your home is amazing, Your kitties look very a home too, thanks for sharing!


Our house is painted almost these exact colors! We used colors called Sarah's Garden and Tart Margarita! When living in Portland, we need this brightness! Your place looks fantastic!


I love those green playing cards! Where did you get them?


i love our vacation home!!!!
oh poolie!


happy new home jena!

Rebecca L.

It is beautiful Jena! I love the pictures of the cats...they are lucky to have such great windows! Enjoy it!


H is also for Happy - which it looks like you guys are! Yay!

Miss Modish

We got them in the airport actually, at Powells bookstore! :)


I love the picture of y'all playing cards, so cute!

Beth Hempton

these pictures are so sweet, Jena. i agree with you totally; it's the little things that make a house a home! some of my faves:
- the smell of my favorite coffee brewin' in the kitchen
- the way our cat unfailingly greets my hubs at the door every day when he gets home from work (running down the hallway, meowing an excited "hello" to him)
- favorite art hung on the walls, a lot of which we've picked up as souvenirs on our travels
- looking out the window at our backyard full of things we've planted together & the landscaping we've designed & built together

Here's wishing you & the Mister many very happy days in your new home! It's lovely. : )


What made me feel at home? Adding my books to the bookshelves, dishes to the cabinets, and yes, the pets settling in after exploring every single nook and cranny. Hope this week isn't too exhausting.

and flowers pick themselves

i love these photos. they are so vibrant, lively, and personable.

glad you're starting to feel at home. for me as long as i have my pittsburgh penguins blankets, favorite books of poetry, coffee mugs, cats, and frames photos i'm set.


xo Alison


So Cute:) Would love to know what neighborhood you moved in to, I am going to be moving up to Portland in the Fall to get my MFA and am trying to find some cool places to live.

Love that turquoise wall!


mmmm....so fun and bright and cheery.

Home is books on bookshelves,
a candle on the coffee table,
a chair by the window
and 100 kids, more or less, laughing and playing outside.


Oh I love your couch and the turquoise wall on the back!

Things that make me feel like home: my pajamas, my coffe mug with black cats on it. My slippers, my boyfriend (who is away on work and left me all alone....)


Your home looks like a delightful, friendly place! I love the colours :-)

Things that make me feel at home: My books, photos and postcards, my quilt and my cat.

Michelle B.

That aqua color is like looking out at the ocean! Your couch is great too. My husband and I have been looking for some mid-century modern couches, but just haven;t found the right one yet. The one thing I really love about our house is the outdoor space and my gardens! I just fill them with flowers and move stuff around as I please. It is always moving and changing and I get to experiment a bit. Have fun!

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