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Apr 16, 2010



that table is HOT. what a gorgeous specimen!
congratulations on the move, it does sound pretty idyllic :]


Love the table & chairs... Good luck on the move! Great earth day giveaway...I've got it on my sidebar! Happy Weekend! Beth


I love that table.. What a great color! Congrats on your home!

Darling Nikki

where did you find that fabulous formica table...in THAT color???!!! i am amazed...

Small Sweet Steps

good luck with the move and congrats on the new place!!!!!

elissa c

I love a beautiful idea. I have hearted so many new etsy stores and left so many comments on your giveaway!

PS love the formica.

and flowers pick themselves

i'm in love with that blue. i want to put a pot of begonias on it and sit and read the morning paper.


xo Alison

seesaw designs

amazing table. AND the print on it looks familiar! (there's one for sale in our vintage shop) :)

Miss Modish

oh how funny- it is the same thing! :) I love that print, it's a little bulletin board.

Miss Modish

craigslist! :)

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