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Apr 30, 2010



so pretty! they look ike agapanthus.

I'm just starting to do my gardening for the year, we have had all your rain down here and it's been too miserable to get to it earlier, so I'd love to follow along with what you're doing, too, since I haven't been thinking about it much ;]

and flowers pick themselves

i love the image on that cup. have a great weekend :)

xo Alison


yay!! last day!!!!


my friend elizabeth and i will be there on sunday! we are excited. :)

i love those purple flowers - my parents grew them in their yard when i was little.


Looks lovely! I am jealous of your back yard space--playing in the dirt is the best.

Sarah - craftyFOLK

Congrats, that's a HUGE accomplishment and fresh flowers bring it full circle back to the simple things:)

Amy Wing

There is something amazing about having cut flowers from ones own yard! I love it, although I have to say that I usually like them on the plant too much to cut them and bring them in! As for this weekend, I'm vending at Crafty so come say hi at Booth #137-Amy Wing Designs!

Amy Olson Ballard

congrats on your new home- that's really wonderful! we missed each other at Crafty- I saw you stroll by a few times, but we never made contact- next time! hope you enjoyed yourself- it was such a good show!

elle moss

Pretty! Im always making vases out of glasses, cups etc. I made one very similar to this using my Alice In Wonderland tall water glasses from Urban Outfitters.


The design in the vase was awesome. It's so pretty and elegant at the same time.

Miss Modish

Oh no Amy! I tried to introduce myself to all the vendors I recognized, but somehow I missed you! I'm sorry! Just too much to look at I guess. Next time, for sure!

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