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Apr 09, 2010


Amanda Wright

Oh no, not ivy! It makes me sick to see it being sold in stores. Such a horrible plant. When we bought our house the entire .5 acre yard was nothing but english ivy. We had the front yard graded to get rid of it, but the back yard is wooded so I don't know what to do about that. Maybe a herd of goats would do the trick.

I love Wisteria! My neighbor's Wisteria is blooming now and I'm tempted to go dig some up in the middle of the night. ; )

Renee Garner

Make sure they have American wisteria and not the Japanese or Chinese varieties--those put up an uglier fight than ivy!
Goats would be fun way to get rid of the ivy, though!


We have a rock garden instead.
The number of potted plants that we have do not compensate for missing out on plants rooted on the ground. :(


jenni o

Maybe American wisteria is different than the kind that covered my backyard fence when I moved in. Crazy, stubborn, tenacious, heavy, swallows and choked everything in its path, for oh, five days of blooms *once* a year. I love spring, I love scented lavender flowers, but I'm not ashamed to say that I nuked that sucker. Amazingly there were hedge bushes hiding underneath the stuff, and I've now planted some clematis, climbing roses, and annual sweet pea vines to replace the monster. It took two years, and I still find places where it tries to reclaim old territory. We've reached a truce and I've allowed it to stay along the back fence, which is backed by a wild zone anyway. Go-go natives, and Good luck in getting rid of the ivy, vines are sneaky!


Aw, rocks are pretty, too!


American wisteria is theoretically vastly different that the type you see taking over forests. I say theoretically because I've never grown it myself, so I don't know first hand. But the other ones. . .the Japanese and Chinese varieties? Worse than ivy.

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Honeysuckle is so beautiful, and so is wisteria and crossvine and jasmine. Okay, I admit, I like everything that blooms, even some weeds.

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