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Apr 26, 2010



Looks gorgeous!!!


*loved, loved, loved* that movie!


hehe, i was crying too! Such a beautiful movie, i keep re-watching it just to enjoy the clothes and the nature..:) And really loved the soundtrack!


Enjoyed it, but not to the degree I think you did. May I recommend "Séraphine" if you enjoyed that?


For some reason when this first came out and the hype started going around, I thought it was a cheesy Twilight-like movie. So I rented it, being a cheesy Twilight-like movie lover, and was FLOORED that I was so very wrong. It was amazing, totally romantic in a non-barf inducing way (ok, maybe some boys would disagree...) I sobbed like a baby at the end she she's crying so hard she can't stand anymore. Oh god, so good.


LOVED it! (Aside from embarrassing myself when I saw it. ;)) http://mymsie.wordpress.com/2009/11/16/that-girl/


I haven't seen it, but I IMMEDIATELY added it to my Netflix queue and moved it to the top.


I've been wanting to see this movie for SO long. I'm glad you liked!

Miss Modish

ooh, I'll have to check that out! thank you! :)

Miss Modish

oh my gosh, I know, that part where she's crying so hard is too much to take. Even the mister started crying at that point!


i loved it. the butterflies broke my heart more than a little. le sigh.

Miss Modish

oh my gosh, I would have been angrily leering at you for sure. that sucks, how embarrassing!

Miss Modish

oh, the butterflies! I know!


I am so glad we were able to see this in the theater -- it is one of the most stunning movies I've ever seen. And of course I cried!

My non-reading boyfriend was so moved that he bought a book of Keats poetry and reads it to me every now and again. I highly recommend doing so while lying in the grass somewhere, especially now that everything's all abloom.


I have not seen it but I am putting it on my Netflix list right now! The photos look beautiful and the way you described it makes me want to watch right now! Thanks :)

Tazim Damji

I loved this movie, too and posted about the costuming on my blog the other day: http://beingtazim.blogspot.com/2010/04/being-costumer-bright-star.html

I loved the first party where these lovebirds meet and John says that there is someone else wearing the ruffles,too...the one in the mirror behind! so sweet and cute.

Miss Modish

woah. now that's romantic!


This is my favourite movie too! As you say the costume, scene, sotry.. everything is beautiful. I just fell in love with this movie***


Great, no I really NEED to see that movie!!!!

coolranchstudio / oh chalet!

oh, i loved bright star! and my husband who watched it a bit begrudgingly thought it was incredibly romantic so there you go...it really does have a magical feel. SO SO sad in the end! but so beautiful.


I felt the same way when I saw it! So quiet yet beautiful and moving and her costumes made me want to learn to sew (again!). Even my fella got into it and he usually ignores my indie flicks. I bought it and rewatch it often.
You should also check out Persuasion or any other Jane Austen-based flick if you haven't already...


I have to watch this movie.

Hormone induced tears? Hmmm... ;)

Miss Modish

oh I know what you're thinking! They were just regular monthly hormones, not those "I have a secret" type ones ;)


Ok, I understand, I have those monthly thingies too :)


I LOVED that movie and I cried and cried and cried. I was in love with it immediately when they had the sound of clipping scissors playing through the opening credits. The clothes?? To die for.
My sweet hubby loved it too and got me a book of Keats poetry after we saw it.




this movie was absolutely stunning and, like other commenters, streams of tears came pouring out of my eyes toward the end. The sadness was overwhelming, despite studying Keats before and knowing the inevitable end.


Thank you for posting this! I saw the preview for it while watching another movie. I love these kinds of movies. Anyway, before I was able to add it to my Netflix que I forgot the name. I'm going to add it right now.

Check out the BBC's North & South. That is a great movie too. I've watched it twice.


Hello. Love this movie! Absolutely stunning! Wish it had come to a theater near me so I could have seen it on a very big screen. Found this info on the lovely sweaters seen throughout the film.




Me again. ;-)
More on the Sophie Digard sweaters and such...





Loved the flowers in this movie. Trying to find them so I can plant them in my own garden, specifically the blue flowers she sat in while reading a letter from Mr. Keats.


After I watched Bright Star, I went to bed and woke up, ended up sleep kissing my husband. The film was very romantic.


Hi Alison. :-)
Here's a link to a great design website called Design*Sponge. They have a section called "Living In" where they feature a specific film and give a bunch of links where you can find some of the things in the film.
This link is for Bright Star and the company that has the seeds for the bluebells.



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