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Mar 29, 2010



i love the light fixutre!

Miss Modish

yeah, it's neato!

Melissa Crowe

I have a set in robin's egg blue and silver. My mom got it at a yard sale for $50--keep looking! The search will pay off when you find some older couple who doesn't realize how cool their old table is. ;-)


OMG! The first and the fourth table and chairs reminds me of the set my Grandparents had in their kitchen when we growing up. That metal is soothing when it is hot outside! We used to lay our faces on it when we came in from playing outside.

deb(bie debbie doo)

your countertop makes me melt - so wonderful! our house is mid-century, unfortunately though someone before us came in and 'updated' our kitchen w/ nasty laminate - wish we had the probable tiles that were here...

Miss Modish

oh my gosh, that's the kind of deal I'm lookin for! Good score!


Go for the Fiesta it is my favorite. I collected the antique Fiesta until they started making it again, then went full steam ahead on the new. If you decide to go antique, stay away from the red- it had a slightly radioactive component glaze.

As for the table, don't settle. I searched and searched for kitchen chairs and the ones I liked were all too expensive, but after a long search I got really great chairs for $20 each from an antique/junk store in the country while.

You will find what is perfect for you and your house.


Congrats! The house is so charming. I think I want all the tables you've shown on rotation: too wonderful to choose just one.

and flowers pick themselves

very inspiring post. LOVE the last photo :)

xo Alison


I love that yellow table it's so happy ;) thanks for posting!


So, seeing this post made my heart melt because I've made my kitchen look like a retro 50's inspired one! So...I did a little searching since I read that you live in Portland...and I've found a few things that you might like! First, this store ---> http://iheartretro.com/Home_Page.php

Second, and I'm only showing this because of the style ---> http://portland.craigslist.org/yam/fuo/1662110458.html

And third, specifically the table ---> http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/fud/1662192173.html

Go Amie

My mom found one for free; we used it in our kitchen for about 10 years before giving it away. They're out there! At least they were in Pittsburgh in the 90s...


I probably see at least one dinette a week, the table alone or the whole set, on our Craigslist, so keep looking. I got my table by itself from a local thrift store for $20 and since I couldn't find a complete set of chairs I liked I ended up getting repros from Scan and picked a retro pattern for the fabric.


i'll keep my eyes out for you guys!


I agree that this era of vintage tables are thee best! I love Fiestaware too. My husband and I lucked out in that department, because his grandfather in Louisiana gave us his whole incredibly & mind-blowingly huge collection of vintage Fiestaware. The mint green dishes are my fav


gosh, these tables are just beautiful!
Its a pity you can't find vintage things like this where I come from.

Renee Garner

Hey! we have matching kitchen floors now!
I loooove that bottom one with those wood school chairs. Good luck on your search!

couture prom dresses

I would have a hard time picking, because I was scrolling down and each pic I was like this one, but then the next one I'd be thinking no, this one, and so on.


Keep up the search, they're out there for far less. I've found two in western PA -- the yellow one pictured above was in the basement of the house I'm renting, and I bought a red & gray floral pattern from a used furniture store for $30.

Laurie H

love this collection of images! I especially love the last one! good luck on your hunt!



I cam across this table for $50 and it reminded me of your wonderful blog! Good luck!

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