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Mar 05, 2010



I'm just loving growing edibles! But right now I am excited to see the asparigus I planted last year from seeds begin to emerge.

I also love lettuce, there are so many types!


Yay book! My favourite garden eating is green peas. I like snow peas, snap peas, plain old out of the pod peas... they are my favourite vegetable. Tomatoes come in a very close second however, because they taste completely different fresh from the garden. Its like an entirely different fruit!


I, sadly, have no place at my apartment complex to grow anything I'd like to! If I had my way, I'd love to grow some beets! Excellent roasted, in my homemade borscht, in a salad, and I love you can use both the greens and the root! I love beets!

Stephanie @ Old World Primitives

My favorite edible to grow is a plant full of organic grape tomatoes. They're so fun to snack on while I'm puttering around in the back yard, and the taste when they're home grown is unmatched in any produce aisle.

Sarah Westervin

I'd like to grow tomatoes and then fry them... because I've always wanted to be like Idgie in Fried Green Tomatoes. Although, I'm probably more like Ruth.


Someday I will be a great hot pepper grower, as of now I am experimenting with my first Jalepeno plant.


My favorite thing to grow, but least favorite thing to eat, has got to be tomatoes. I can't stand raw tomatoes on their own, but I love most things you can make with them. This year's plan is all gazpacho, all the time.

Mimi Applebaum

I have a lovely garden and it can be sooo frustrating to not have all the info you need to grow healthy edibles without using UNhealthy chemicals. I would love to have my garden be good to me and the Earth. Send this book my way, s'il vous plaƮt!


EVERYTHING I grew last summer was my favorite because I gardened for the first time last summer; I finally got a plot in our community garden! Sadly, the university is taking the garden away and we have to start over... OK, so, back to the question at hand: Broccoli raab was the household favorite and the cucumbers, I've never tasted such amazing cucumbers! Not to mention the brussel sprouts... How are we supposed to choose just one??

Renee Garner

Oh Miss Mimi! Chemicals are so easy to avoid and this book will certainly help! See if your local library has You Grow Girl--there are so many recipes in there that you already have the ingredients for, I'm sure!


I have really enjoyed growing cherry tomatoes. Also basil--I never knew there were so many varieties until I started growing it. I can't wait to grow more veggies and herbs this season!

Anjuli A

I loved growing snow peas last summer - it was like a super-fresh handful-sized snack each time I visited the garden. Sadly I live too far away from the community garden plot this year, but I am going to try growing some tomato plants in big pots on my front steps this year! Hard to imagine when that will start, since it just snowed again this morning in Boston...


i hope to start my garden soon and i am REALLY looking forward to growing my own herbs like mint (for mint tea), oregano, parsley, and def. basil for a nice Caprese salad with home grown tomaotes! :)

Amy loves Bud

I love to grow tomatoes and basil (can I pick two?). Actually, for some reason my basil reseeds and comes back every year, so I can only take credit for growing it once.

Coupling that basil with a delicious red garden tomato, still warm from the sun, is hard to beat.

New to your blog and really enjoying it!


I love growing food! I just started last year. My favorite to eat was the squash! Yummy!


Awesome, I can't wait to try this out! As for my favourite edible, I'm going to have to say strawberries. Mostly because I can pop out into the garden (ok, onto the balcony) and grab a few sweet treats to eat while I'm there!

Mimi Applebaum

Yay! Thanks, Renee! We just got a new pup and we're going to get a Doggie Dooley for composting... might not put that on the veggies, though...? I hope to build our new pup a doghouse that I saw online somewhere that has boxes to grow plants on the roof! (Or should I say WOOF!) We are also going to have a garden exchange so that we don't let all our surplus rot and we will get some veg that we didn't have in our garden! I'm so excited to start on sugar snap peas and lettuce. We had eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, carrots, peppers, tomatillos and herbs last year. It's amazing that I only have the Sunset Western Garden book that I got as a gift! The rest of our information has come from the advice we get from friends and the folks at the nursery. Thanks again, Renee!


Strawberries! I absolutely cannot wait to grow strawberries in pots this summer, and introduce my son to the miracle of growing our own food.


tomatoes. no question. the taste of a home grown tomato is transcendant.


Loved your growing tale, and this summer is the one I finally start - ! Definitely going to grow herbs, and hoping for tomatoes and a few other veg.
I'm years away from blocking, but the inspiration was good...

laura k

I am pretty excited to grow some beans. But fresh herbs will be the most useful, I expect.


We love to grow all kinds of plants! To pick a favorite, I suppose it would be basil. I know it sounds very plain and simple, but a fresh pick of basil in a sauce, to season a pasta, or pizza, or bread, or anything is just so amazing and refreshing :D


i love growing bell peppers. small, knee-high plants bent over with big fruits ripening red and purple on their branches. and their pretty little flowers in early summer. time to start the seeds!


Tomatoes are my fave - varieties for canning, making spaghetti sauce, salads & big, juicy slices with basil & mozarella. I never like tomatoes until after my husband & I had been dating a while - but he liked them so much, I tried them again & was hooked.


Herbs are my favorite...and i'm really missing them now that it's winter. They just add so much to pretty much anything I make for dinner!

jenni o

it's so cheesy, but tomatoes are my favorite. Last year was my first year growing my own, and the flavor was intense!


I have been re-sowing and attempting to grow various herbs & veg for weeks now to get a jump on the spring thaw, and am finally getting some strong roma tomato plants in. I would die for a fantastic herb garden in my kitchen, but I simply cannot live without fresh tomato (a common plight for Italian chefs, I'm sure), there is always some in the house regardless of origin.

Catherine Chandler

This is my first year growing food after a 6 year hiatus (due to international moves and living in non-garden-friendly places)...I'm so glad to be able to assist in my friend's garden! I'm hoping to grow just about anything that will sprout :) Definitely looking forward to yellow pear tomatoes and zucchinis!

Angella Baird

I've just started a garden at the local infants school. I'm hoping to spread the word and teach 65 little people that they can grow their own food. Here's hoping our lettuce, tomatoes and silverbeet will grow up strong and impress them.

Teresa Novak

oh, I can't wait to start gardening.


I love this book. I checked it out from the library and was planning on buying one for myself and for a friend! I live in the desert where temps reach 117 for weeks at a time and have been intimidated to plant much outdoors. I love the idea of the raised planters and windowsill edibles. I am inspired to grow great grub - in the desert, no less! - this year!


The only thing I have succesfully grown and eaten has been zucchini, but I would love to try kale, or other leafy veggies - they look so nice right through the winter too.


i need to check this book out! Need to get going on my garden :)

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