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Mar 10, 2010



i think u look adorable as always! :)


Gotta say, I love that high-waisted jeans are coming back. Super cute.

"miss" james

okay so, i LOVE the outfit but i must admit, i'm OBSESSED with the kitty picture behind you. where can i get one? is it vintage? please tell me. :)

xo, "miss" james


Love the look! What did the poor doggy do?

Miss Modish

oh haha! Glad you like it! It is vintage, our little three legged friend. ;)

Miss Modish

oh that finger point is our hand signal for "sit, doggie, sit!" he's actually being good here (for once)

Stacey H

Buffalo Exchange! I loved that place when I lived out west!


Those jeans looks great on you!


is your dog a border collie? i had one too :)

Miss Modish

oh I like border collies! Ours is a lab/pitbull mix...


Oh the skirt is really really nice..suit you I think. For poeple like me, being too short, cant carry the same thing. Haha

Karen Cheung

Legalicious! That's a lovely word. You look wonderful in those jeans - I vote you wear them a lot. On your figure they are great!


You DO look legalicious with the jeans! I vote regular rotation.

Thanks for the outfit inspiration!

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