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Mar 11, 2010



Wow! That's bound to make you feel happy and creative!

Beth Hempton

that is one of the most gorgeous work rooms i've seen yet (& i've looked at a lot of them)! the colors & design motifs & pretty containers = amazing! but i have to know, Jennifer, if you're reading this: do you always keep it so neat & sparse? i mean, i pride myself on being neat & organized, but still end up with lots of messy piles of stuff. how do you do it?!


EEK! I would love for that to be my at home studio!!!

 Cicada Studio

Very cheery- just like her products!

Jennifer Ladd

Thanks, everyone. To answer your question, Beth - I have a 3-year-old! She loves arts and crafts and she has a very vivid imagination. So if I would ever leave anything out, she would either attempt to use it (you'll notice I keep my scissors and pin cushion high on the wall!) or she would immediately turn it into a toy - a cape, a house, a car, a pretend cat, anything! Anytime I am not working, I put everything back in its spot and keep it as neat as I can (my closet is stacked with containers and bins, the white cabinet is full of fabric stacks, and the locking cabinet under the table holds all my sewing supplies).

Red Marionette

This space would be divine to work in! Such wonderful colors and so creative!


Loved looking at your amazing creative space! It's hard to have something like that in an apartment with a child but keeping ideas locked away so hopefully soon I'll have a place of my own. Thanks for sharing! By the way, the fabric on the chair is lovely!


I love your space! The colors, the organization, and the mural are all gorgeous. Just one thing, can we please not paint the Buddha's?


This is such an inspiration! I'm moving next week and will actually have space for a studio! I love the uncluttered space, and the functional design. Especially the hanging tool pods! Thanks for sharing!


What a fun room! So cheerful and inviting. I could easily feel inspired in there :)


wow, that shade of yellow on the wall is amazing!

what color is it, exactly??

great space... :)


Laurie H

Fabulous! What an amazing work space! Def get the creative juices flowing!


oh my. what a space.


Such a super cute workspace, makes me want to get my work area my organized, although I am making a small step in progress each day!!


hello, I have been looking for some ceramic white holders such as those in your space. I believe they are ceramic? Would you please tell me where you got them?

Jennifer Ladd

Blake - they are from Ikea. :)


Thank you so much for replying to me, thank you thankyou!!! I have got to find someone I know with an Ikea by them. I don't have one in Alabama and they wont ship to me----ARGH!!!!

couture prom dresses

I started taking sewing classes recently and love it, so am now organizing my own creative space. I hope you won't mind me stealing some of the ideas.

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